Turning garbage into useful products

Published: 22/03/2013 12:05



With the MBT-CD.08 technology, the Hanoi-based Hydraulic Machinery company can turn garbage into useful products such as unburned bricks, fuel pellets and PO oil.

“MBT-CD.08” is the abbreviation of Mechanical Biological Treatment Compact Dimension. And “08” means 2008, or the time when the research work succeeded and got the certificate from the Ministry of Construction, according to Nguyen Gia Long, President of the company, the author of the technology.

The technology has been recognized by the ministry as the garbage treatment technology that fits the Vietnamese conditions and can be applied in a large scale throughout the country. The National Office for Intellectual Property (NOIP) has granted patent to MBT-CD.08.

Turning garbage into money

“Turning garbage into money” is the principle the company has been pursuing since the day of its establishment. Therefore, MBT-CD.08 strives to put out the products useful in people’s lives.

In fact, Vietnamese many times successfully invented garbage treatment technologies. However, the technologies had never been brought into life for commercial development. 

The technologies could not exist without the support from the State, because the products they created could not bring the money to cover the expenses to run the machines.

MBT-CD.08 is the technology which combines mechanical and biological methods to sort out three different kinds of waste – the combustible, incombustible materials, and hazardous materials and metals, then to recycle and create useful products, such as fuel pellets, used for industrial boilers, unburned bricks used for civil engineering works.

The technology has been designed as a closed module which deals with different stages of the waste treatment and fuel production line. Especially, with the high mechanization and automation, very few workers are required to contact directly with the waste. The waste treatment process does not spread out the smell, while no waste water leaks during the treatment and recycling.

A big advantage of the technology is that it can be adjusted to fit different scales of waste treatment and recycling. It’s easy to increase the capacity to 50 tons per day to treat waste in provinces and cities, or reduce the capacity to 20 tons per day to fit the waste treatment in districts or communes.

Striving for a green Vietnam

Since MBT-CD08 has high flexibility, it can offer many product options with the materials containing in the waste. It allows making fertilizer, fuel pellets and bars from the elements existing in combustible waste. It can create bricks of different kinds from inorganic waste, and collect valuable substances after the treatment process, thus bringing money to the waste treatment plants.

Especially, the garbage treatment plants will not cause the environment pollution in the localities where they are located. Therefore, the waste treatment and recycling line can be installed in the places near residential quarters, or in industrial zones, where a waste economy can take shape and develop.

The technology has been successfully utilized at the Song Cong Waste Treatment Factory in Thai Nguyen City with the production line with the capacity of 50 tons per day. The factory, covering an area of 2 hectares, has the investment capital of VND35.2 billion. 

Besides, MBT-CD08 has also been applied in some other localities, including the Dong Van Industrial Zone in Ha Nam province, Son Tay in Hanoi, Con Dao district of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, Di Linh district of Lam Dong Province.


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