• A unique musical instrument in the Central Highlands, Cong Chieng

    A unique musical instrument in the Central Highlands, Cong Chieng

    21/05/2012 04:48

    The Cong Chieng is a kind of musical instrument casted from mixed copper and belongs to the idiophonic family. In Vietnamese language, the word "Cong" points to a musical instrument with a bossed part in center (bossed gong) and "Chieng" without it (flat gong). Cong Chieng- Central...

  • Ca Tru Singing

    Ca Tru Singing

    13/05/2012 02:50

    Traveling to Vietnam , you will have a chance to enjoy Ca Tru performance and experience the Vietnamese traditional music and instruments . Ca tru music sounds strange to the uninitiated. Clicks and clacks accompany the centuries old ballads. It is not the kind of music that inspires toe...

  • Nourishing the soul of the baby with lullabies

    Nourishing the soul of the baby with lullabies

    09/05/2012 08:49

    Lullaby songs are a sort of folk music often heard in Vietnam, especially in the countryside. They are used not only to lull small children to go to sleep but also to express human feelings such as homesickness, wife missing her husband... Vietnamese lullabies often consist of two or four...

  • H’Mong Pen Pipe

    H’Mong Pen Pipe

    09/05/2012 01:48

    The Pen-pipe is a musical instrument of the wind family with the free vibrated reed, popular among almost all of Vietnam's ethnicity in different forms. The Kinh (Viet) group calls it Khen, while the Mong ethnic people call it the Kenh, and the Ede in the Central Highlands use a similar...

  •  Cai Luong or Renovated Opera

    Cai Luong or Renovated Opera

    06/05/2012 03:02

    In comparison with cheo (popular opera) and tuong (classical opera), cai luong is a new type of theatre in Vietnam , combining drama, modeled after French comedy, and singing. Cai Luong (Renovated Opera) appeared in the southern part of Vietnam in the 1920s. Now, this form of music is a...

  • Monochord or Dan Bau

    Monochord or Dan Bau

    06/05/2012 02:35

    “Do not listen to the music of the dan bau if you are a young woman.” Such is the romantic and emotional appeal of music played on the dan bau that Vietnamese parents used to warn their daughters against listening to it. For the rest of us, it remains the quintessential...

  • Dan Tam Thap Luc

    Dan Tam Thap Luc

    06/05/2012 02:04

    The Tam Thap Luc is a sort of zither with thirty-six brass strings as it is called. It has the shape of an isosceles trapezoid, with a slightly convex sound board made of light, porous, unvarnished wood. The bridges and sides are made of hardwood. The bottom is flat. There are two...

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