1000 year time capsule cancelled

Published: 31/03/2010 05:00



A Hanoi senior official stated on March 31 that Hanoi would not build the memorial zone to preserve 1000 objects for the next 1000 years because it is unfeasible.

At a meeting between city officials and district representatives, Nghi called the idea unfeasible and revealed that it will not happen.

“I’ve been reported about the plan to keep 1000 items for our descendants to open 1000 years from now, but Hanoi will contribute only one item. In addition, what should we choose for the future generations?” Nghi said.

Pham Quang Long, Director of the Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, admitted they implemented this project even though it had not been submitted for approval. He thought it was a good idea.

The department held two press conferences in February and March introducing this project, claiming the plan had been approved by the city.

The idea was to collect 1000 items representing the cultural character of all 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam, place them in a time capsule donated by South Korea, which would be buried in Hanoi in October 2010 to be opened in 1000 years.

The project has died amongst controversies about the selection of items and the jury to choose what will be included.


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