• Microbreweries in Vietnam

    Microbreweries in Vietnam

    15/07/2013 03:32

    Beer consumption here is high and everywhere you find people drinking beer. In northern Vietnam and Hanoi in particular, the streets are filled with small plastic chairs and tables where people drink  Bia Hoi  from lunch time until late evening. Bia hoi  is a light beer only...

  • The pleasures and convenience of backpacking

    The pleasures and convenience of backpacking

    12/07/2013 12:02

    Nam has already had his motorbike serviced. It’s carried him on dozens of previous trips. He takes his tools with him, just in case. An increasing number of young people now embrace the backpacker travelling ethos ( phượt )—minimising costs as much as possible and enjoying...

  • Kristine and Geoff: artists on the move

    Kristine and Geoff: artists on the move

    01/07/2013 01:00

    Crossing the street can be a terrifying rite-of-passage for tourists, and locals complain of the increased stress, exhaust fumes and noise. “The solution for the Old Quarter is to get rid of all the cars and motor bikes – allow bicycles, electric shuttles and pedestrians”,...

  • How to explore Vietnam with kids

    How to explore Vietnam with kids

    05/05/2013 07:19

    Check out some of the advice we received from our travel community. Beautiful county, lovely people. They drive like nuts so look left and right and 20 times more before crossing the road. I got bitten to death, so maybe bring mosquito nets for the kids’ beds. (Noelle Morgan) I...

  • Buying a bicycle in Hanoi

    Buying a bicycle in Hanoi

    01/05/2013 09:47

    I was immediately entranced by my first bicycle ride around Vietnam; all the while sneering at the unsafe pollutants rushing past me. Bringing back my childhood I was popping wheelies around traffic in no time. After realising Hanoi provides you with a generally flat surface all round my...

  • A trip to Bat Trang ceramic village

    A trip to Bat Trang ceramic village

    26/04/2013 10:51

    As a newcomer to Hanoi I find myself in daily awe of many people gathering around the sidewalk food stands, of the throngs of motorbikes winding and weaving their way up Hue city street and down Ba Trieu street, and of the intrepid tourists who confront – however timidly or...

  • I love Vietnam, why you don’t?

    I love Vietnam, why you don’t?

    24/04/2013 11:56

    I love the congestion of the traffic, the loud horn of vehicles, the cramped streets without private space, bumpy sidewalk and even hot-tempered street vendors. So why do you hate it? Motorbike in Vietnam "deserted" street in Vietnam Max Murta – one of my friends said that...

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