Nine die in car-train crash

Published: 30/03/2011 05:00



VietNamNet Bridge
– A train from HCM City to Hanoi ran into
a 16-seat passenger car at 3 pm, March 30, in Hanoi’s Thuong Tin district, killing seven on
the spot. Two other died on the way to hospital.

car after the accident

Le Van Dan, 69, who was injured in the accident, said that
the car was carryinh 20 people from a wedding party in Thuong Tin back to their
home in the northern province
of Thai Nguyen.

“When the car was only 100 meters from the railway, though
the train blew its whistle and the warning equipment sounded the bell the
driver still talked on the phone and crossed the railway on purpose,” Dan, who
sat next to the driver, recalled.

Dan in hospital

After the crash, he swooned and when he regained his senses,
the man was in the Agriculture Hospital 1 in Thanh Tri district, Hanoi.

Dan’s mother – Mr. Vuong Thi Hay, 97 – was seriously injured
while his wife – Truong Thi Vi, 66, died on the spot.

Ha Thi Thuy, another injured victim, said she and her son
sat in the head of the car so they narrowly escaped death but her mother, her
son and son-in-law and her nephew died in the accident. Thuy said all people in
the car were her relatives.

Doctors said that injured victims must be treated for at
least a month. They also said that the driver was not injured. He was just in a
state panic.

railway where the accident occurred

According to police, of the seven people who died on the
spot, there are two young men and five women. Two died on the way to hospital.

Of 11 injured victims, some were in critical condition and
they were transported to the Vietnam-Germany
Hospital. Those who
received minor wounds were the driver, who was arrested, a young couple and
their 9-month-old son who sat in the head of the car.

Some witnesses said that the passenger car intentionally
crossed the tracks when the train was very near. The train hit the car bottom.
The car turned a round and crashed into the handrail that separates the railway
and the National Highway

One hour after the incident, the train continued running to
the Hanoi Railway Station. The deformed car was moved from the site to a police
station for investigation.

Pham Van Binh, representative of the Vietnam Railway
Corporation, said that the train engine was not harmed because the crash was
not strong.

The railway between Hanoi
and Nam Dinh is called “the rail of the death” because it includes hundreds of
intersections with roads, where many incidents have occurred.

Earlier, on August 6 2010, after hitting a truck in Duy Tien
district, Ha Nam
province, three carriages of a North-South train was upturned. Over 300
passengers were safe but the train driver was injured.

On November 22 2009, a 30-seat passenger car also crashed a
North-South train also in Thuong Tin district, with nine deaths.


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