Vietnam struggling to have 1 million IT workers by 2020

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– Vietnam
is striving to have one million information technology (IT) workers by 2020, three times higher than the current level, 80
percent of whom must meet international standards. The task is burdening the
education and training sector.

Quyet Thang, Head of the Information Technology Institute under the Hanoi
University of Technology, believes that one million IT workers by 2020 is a
goal within reach. “The number of schools that provide regular training in IT
has increased year after year. In 1995, there were only seven IT training
faculties, while the number of universities jumped to 133 in 2010. Besides,
there are also 153 junior colleges and 351 vocational schools that also provide
IT training. In 2010, Vietnam
planned to enroll 60,000 IT students. Meanwhile, the enrolment quota increases
by 6-8 percent year after year.

students want to follow IT study

Le Truong Tung, Deputy Chair of the Vietnam Informatics Association, President
of FPT University, said that 60,000 is the quota granted by the Ministry of
Education and Training to schools, while it is not the actual number of

do not have accurate figures on IT workers trained every year,” Tung said.

went on to say that Vietnam
once attracted many students to IT studies  in 2007-2008. Since then, the number of
students registering to study IT decreased by 15 percent in 2009 and 22 percent
in 2010. Especially, in 2010, some schools had to stop training IT workers
because they did not have enough students.

recent survey conducted by FPT
University shows that
fewer students want to study IT. “Only 6.25 percent of 11,000 polled high
school students said they want to study IT, while the figure was 8.76 percent
in 2009,” Tung said.

survey conducted by the Hanoi University of Technology several months ago also
showed that 80-90 percent of 12th graders who are good at
mathematics, physics and chemistry of nearly 20 schools in Hanoi choose studies relating to economics,
while only a low percentage of students decides to follow technique studies.

is no longer an attractive major for students partially because of the low
quality of graduates of many IT schools. As graduates cannot meet the
requirements set by employers, they cannot find good jobs and they are not
interested in studying IT any more. Meanwhile, many majors have emerged as more
attractive to students, including finance and banking, which can bring high

have agreed that the quality of students registering to study IT has

Tuan Ngoc, Head of the Information Technology Department under the Ministry of
Education and Training, said that the enrollment quota university students has
been increasing rapidly in recent years. Five years ago, the quota was 100,000
only, while the number has increased to 500,000. As for IT major, the quota has
increased two fold since 2000. Since the quota has increased, the required
marks set by schools from university entrance exams has been decreasing.

low required marks will certainly affect the training quality, because schools
will not be able to select good candidates,” Ngoc warned.

suggested solutions

say that in order to fulfill the plan to have one million IT workers by 2020,
it is necessary to apply measures to make IT more attractive in the eyes of
high school students.

said that students should be required to take mathematics, physics and foreign
language exams instead of mathematics, physics and chemistry as is currently
required. Thang said that foreign languages are very important and necessary
for IT students.

long, Secretary General of the Vietnam Information Technology Association said
that at many international competitions, most of the Vietnamese students could answer
half of the total questions. He said that this is because of the poor training
in Vietnam.
Schools are still teaching Pascal programming language, while foreign countries
are teaching C++.

is necessary to change the viewpoints for training, upgrade the quality of  training,” Thang said, adding that cooperating
with foreign investors and educators would be a good solution to attract
financial resources and utilize modern training technologies.

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