Summer services for children and students booming

Published: 10/05/2011 05:00



Though grammar school students in big cities will only begin the summer holiday in late May, summer services for children and students have mushroomed, offering different choices for parents.

Kid-care services for small children…

The HCM City Education and Training Department has released a notice that the summer holiday will begin from May 30, for state owned nursery schools in the city. However, only from June 13, will the schools be able to begin providing kid-care services after the schools reach agreements with parents.

Having realized the high demand for taking care for children, a lot of non-state nursery school owners have announced the launching of short term and long term kid-care services. Some private schools have said they will take care for children in the first two weeks of June and two weeks of August, if parents have the demand for short term kid-care services. Besides, parents can also use the child-care services by days, weeks, months, or send their children to the schools for the whole 3-month holiday.

Luu Truyen, the owner of Soc Nau private nursery school in HCM City, said that her school would accept to take care for primary school students, if the students are the brothers or sisters of the children at nursery school age, and the parents want to send both of the children to the same school.

Truyen said that the service fee is three million dong per child for the taking care from 7 am to 5 pm every day. Besides the daily activities, children can choose to learn either fine arts, aerobics or English.

Kham, a teacher of Hong An private nursery school in the Binh Thanh district, said the school will take care for children for the whole summer holiday. The tuition is really “reasonable” at 1.2 million dong a month at maximum for the children aged between 2 and 5.

She explained that the tuition has been kept unchanged and that the school dares not to raise tuition in the summer, because the children mostly come from low income earners.

Happy Back Home center in the Tan Binh District has begun enrolling children aged 3-10. The children will have a busy schedule from Monday to Friday, while their parents will have to pay 2,770,000-3,080,000 dong. The center will organize excursion trips and outdoors activities every Saturday as requested by parents.

… and clubs for students

Though students have not begun the summer holiday yet, children’s houses in HCM City have planned summer holiday activities, offering a lot of training courses in music, singing, dancing, and other kinds of sports. Also, students have also been offered special training courses in English, informatics and writing practice. There are many different training courses and different timetables for parents to choose.

Especially, youth centers have set up long term plans for training life skills for students.

The Southern Youth and Teenager Center, for example, has prepared many special programs for the time from May 20 to the end of August. The students aged from 9 to 17 would be able to experience a “military semester”, with time to be spent at military camps. Besides, students can also join the “Hi!Teacher” program which allows them to understand better about the culture of localities and the value of family. They can also join the training courses that help develop mathematical and logical thinking. The tuitions vary from 1.5 million dong to 24 million dong.

In the north, the Center for supporting education and youth development belonging to the Study Encourage Society, for the first time, will organize summer camping, each of the camping period will last five days and four nights, or four days and three nights.

Nguyen Tung Lam, Deputy Director of the center said, “this is the idea that he and his co-workers have been cherishing for a long time.”

Source: SGTT

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