Further probe ordered into duck killing case 

Published: 05/06/2011 05:00



A central court has requested additional probe into a case of a father and son killing dozens of a neighbor’s ducks for feeding them on their rice field.


According to the indictment, Phung Van Duc, 45, and his son Phung Tan Loi, 17, attempted to attack five locals with billhooks on September 12 last year, after the locals were feeding ducks on the duo’s rice field in Hoa Kien Commune in the province’s Tuy Hoa Town.


However, the five people, Tran Van Anh, Bui Van Dong, Nguyen Duong, Pham Quoc Tinh and Vo Cong Huong, fled to safety. The father and son then shifted their billhooks on the flock of ducks feeding on their farm, killing 50 fowls of Anh on the spot.


Duc and Loi were prosecuted against charges of destroying other’s properties – a crime subjected to jail terms of up to three years under the Penal Code.


At the trial on Friday, the judging panel demanded prosecutors to conduct additional probe into the case, after Duc confessed that there was another man helping kill the ducks.


In addition, Anh claimed that the defendants had slaughtered a total of 162 laying ducks, instead of the 50 as accused by prosecutors.


Reported by Duc Huy

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Further probe ordered into duck killing case  - Social - News |  vietnam travel company

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