Chess prodigy all set to play with German club

Published: 20/03/2011 05:00



HCM City-based Grandmaster and world number 44 Le Quang Liem will play for the first time for Germany’s Werder Bremen chess club in the country’s chess Bundesliga. Viet Nam News spoke with him prior to this trip.

How did this co-operation between you and the German club come about?

After winning the international chess tournament Aeroflot Open 2010, the club got in touch with me and asked if I would play for the club. Then the two sides negotiated details for the co-operation and I was on the team’s list last year.

This was the first time I have agreed to play for a foreign club. Besides Werder Bremen, I also agreed to play for the Evry Grand Roque Club in the French Chess League Top 16 this June when athletes will finish their match in a nine-game format over two weeks and Chinese Qingdao Yucai in the China’s Chess League Division A.

What do you expect playing for foreign clubs?

Playing for foreign clubs will help me have an opportunity to hone skills in an international high-calibre chess environment through competing against top players and teams around the world.

This is also an opportunity to increase the Elo rating because the tournaments in Europe are of higher calibre and prestigious.

I will play two games for the club on Match 19 and 20. I will receive some money, excluding win bonuses, accommodation and air tickets.

Being a student at Sai Gon University, how do you balance study and competition?

If a competition takes place during school year, I will ask permission from teachers and the school to be able to participate in competitions. I will try later to catch up with my classmates.

With help from the school and family, I have been balancing two tasks.

What does a young chess player need to be successful?

In my opinion, becoming a successful chess player requires many things. For example, my success comes, firstly, from the full support of my family.

Secondly, it requires assistance of the chess federation of HCM City in creating favourable conditions to participate in international competitions and also investment from the city by inviting coaches and assisting in finances.

Finally, it requires tremendous effort from the competitor besides natural aptitude.

Source: VNS

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