Why athletes don’t want to join national teams?

Published: 18/03/2011 05:00



In article “”, VietNamNet discussed the fact that some outstanding coach and athletes didn’t want to play for the national squad at the upcoming Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 2011). This is similar for other sports.

Becoming a member of a national sports teams is an honor for any athlete. To join national teams, besides their talents, sportsmen have to spend a hard long time to practice at local teams or national junior teams. As members of national squads, they will compete at regional and international sports events like SEA Games, Asian Games (ASIAD) or Olympic. If they win medals, glory will come to them, their families and even their hometowns.

But why do many athletes currently not want to join national squads?

To have victorious moments at sports tournaments, athletes have to pass many challenges. Firstly, they have to live far from their families for years. Anyone who visits the National Sports Training Center in Hanoi or HCM City at the weekend, he/she would see many sad eyes of junior athletes who have to live alone while others at their ages are still taken care by their parents.

Being recruited to national squads, junior athletes have to live independently, to compete with their teammates, to practice very hard all the year round, and to face wounds. They have to obey strict rules on drilling and daily life.

The environment for elite sports is very harsh, and the incentive policy for athletes is poor, so they are not eager to join national teams, especially senior athletes who are working for local sports teams.

Joining national teams, sportsmen will have VND120,000 ($6) for meals and wage of VND70,000 ($3.5) a day, totaling VND1.8 million ($90) a month. Playing for the national squad, they will have to practice harder, to live far from their families while their income doesn’t increase.

Coaches face the same matters. Chief coaches of national teams are paid VND3.9 million ($190) a month. Other coaches earn VND2.6 million dong ($130) per month. The payments are even lower than salary paid by local teams, while they still have to take care both the national and local teams and live far from home. Moreover, the living cost in Hanoi is high.

The current salary policy for athletes and coaches of national teams has been applied since 2006. The pay doesn’t change while the living cost has been escalating.

The sports sector understands the problem, but it is unable to change the policy alone. The General Department of Sports and Physical Training is compiling a new policy for athletes and coaches. The document will be submitted to related agencies for approval this year.

Under the new policy, income for athletes and coaches will double the current levels. Outstanding people will enjoy other incentives in terms of training, housing and promotion.


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