Outbound tours attract Vietnamese thanks to reasonable fees

Published: 27/06/2011 05:00


Despite the big economic difficulties, a lot of Vietnamese people still decide to travel abroad this summer to relax or seek business partners.

Despite the big economic difficulties, a lot of Vietnamese people still decide to travel abroad this summer to relax or seek business partners.

Outbound tours more favorite

Do Thi Tam on Vong Street in Hanoi said that in previous summers, her family usually took domestic tours to Nha Trang, Da Lat or HCM City. However, she has decided to travel abroad this summer.

“The outbound tour fees are reasonable. Especially, many tours to Thailand and Malaysia have the tour fees lower than some domestic tours,” she said. “Besides, we decide to travel abroad partially because we want to set our foot on foreign countries, the places with different cultures and traditions”.

Thinh in Cau Giay District in Hanoi, who traveled to Thailand last year, said that he has decided to register an outbound tour for his family this summer. “We don’t need to travel too far. The trips to South East Asian countries are enough for us to learn many interesting things,” he said.

“We accept to pay money to enjoy professional services” he said, when asked why he wants to travel abroad instead of taking a domestic tour.

After referring to the information provided by travel firms, Thinh has decided to book a tour to Malaysia which lasts four days, and three days provided by Hanoi Red Tours.

Thinh said that 22 million dong is a reasonable spending amount for three people. With that sum of money, he and his family’s members will enjoy a high grade service, which allows them to relax in summer. He believes that the tour fee is more reasonable than the fees of domestic tours.

Linh on Thai Thinh street also said she prefers going abroad than taking domestic tours. “I do not say that the landscapes in foreign countries are more beautiful than that in Vietnam. However, their services are wonderful,” she said. “The services’ quality deserves my money”.

Nguyen Cong Hoan, Deputy General Director of Hanoi Red Tours, said that there has been no sharp growth rate in the number of travelers going abroad. However, he said that the slight increases of the outbound tours reported by the travel firms should be seen as an encouraging result in the current difficult circumstances.

Especially, Hoan said, the number of travelers to Thailand has increased by 200 percent in comparison with the same period of the last year. The tours to Thailand, for the last many years, have been chosen by many Vietnamese travelers because of the low costs and the professional services.

Travel firms shaking hands with airlines to provide low cost tours

Hoan said that the cooperation between travel firms and air carriers could bring a big advantage to both service providers. “The low airfares would help travel firms upgrade the service quality, because expenses can be allocated reasonably,” he said.

Hanoi Red Tours has launched many attractive tours, including the tour to Bangkok and Pattaya (Thailand) which has the tour fees of 319-389 dollars per traveler (5 days and 4 nights), the tour to Singapore and Malaysia (7 days and 6 nights), at 489-659 dollars per traveler.

Besides, the travel firm has also taken full advantage of the airfare discount programs run by some airlines to open new tours to Eastern Europe and the US. According to Hoan, the cooperation with airlines allows to cut down the expenses by 20 percent.

Saigontourist has also launched special tours to meet the demand of people. Some economy tours have been introduced by the travel firm, including the tour to Brunei which has a very reasonable tour fee of 10 million dong per traveler (3 days and 2 nights), the tour to Singapore – Universal ay 12.8 million dong (4 days and 3 nights), the tour to discover South Korea at 15.8 million dong (4 days and 4 nights).

Meanwhile, high income earners can take high grade tour to Russia to enjoy white nights, which costs 66.2 million dong per person (8 days and 7 nights), or the tour to Italia, Spain and France (10 days and 9 nights) which costs 94 million dong.

Vietravel has been targeting the travelers who want like to go shopping by launching tours to the places where big discounts are offered in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. The tour fees hover around 5-14 million dong per person.

Especially, Vietravel has cooperated with Cambodian Angkor Air to organize tours from HCM City to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh by air, offering the attractive tour fee of 5.190 million dong.

Travel firms say the tours to Hong Kong and China are not the choice of the majority of people this year, since the high inflations are also the big problems of Hong Kong and China. Especially, people refuse to travel to China because of the East Sea dispute.


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