Welcome summer with sweet mulberry juice

Published: 20/03/2013 04:06



The summer has come. There is a great way for you to avoid the hot weather in the summer. What is it?

The secret is sweet mulberry juice made from fresh mulberrries and cold ice. You will be irresistible to enjoy this wonderful drink.

Let’s see how to make it:


1 kilogram of mulberries

600 grams of sugar

Crystal salt

Glass vessel


-  Cutting the stems of mulberries, cleaning and rejecting spoiled fruits…

-  Draining the mulberries

-  Boiling water, as the water’s temperature is around 70-80 degree, pouring hot water on mulberries and then draining.

-  Cleaning the glass vessel and drying it.

-  Then, put mulberries on the vessel. With every layer of mulberries, you cover with a layer of sugar.

-  You should not fill the vessel. Just soaking 2/3 of the vessel.

-  After soaking in a week, you use a big wooden spoon to press mulberries to be absorbed by sugar.

-  After soaking in three weeks, you decant the mulberry juice and boil it. Then you let it get cold, pour into a clean bottle and put in the fridge.

You just need to mix some ice and water to have a cold sweet glass of juice in the hot summer. That is so great!

Compiled by Nguyen Quynh

Provide by Vietnam Travel

Welcome summer with sweet mulberry juice - Vietnamese Drink |  vietnam travel company

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