• Spring flowers in northwestern region

    Spring flowers in northwestern region

    20/02/2013 04:00

    Yellow flowers are blossoming in front of a wooden house of a Dao ethnic family in Lai Chau province A Dao ethnic boy is playing a folk game in the flower garden The valley is adorned with peach blossoms Ethnic girls boast new clothes in...

  • Strange trees and fruit in Vietnam

    Strange trees and fruit in Vietnam

    19/02/2013 04:48

    The Muoi Loi flower garden in Dalat city, Lam Dong province has a lemon tree which has only three fruit, but each fruit is about 0.4 meters long; diameter of about 0.2 m; weighing 3.5 kg. Gardener Bui Van Sang said this lemon tree is originated from...

  • Hanoi market welcomes Kitchen Gods festival

    Hanoi market welcomes Kitchen Gods festival

    04/02/2013 03:42

    The Kitchen Gods are considered the guardians of every household’s kitchen. The one female and two male gods are said to maintain a kitchen’s fire throughout the year. It is believed that on the 23 rd day of the 12 th lunar month every year the Kitchen Gods ride carps to...

  • The harvest season in Hanoi

    The harvest season in Hanoi

    02/02/2013 03:03

    The capital city’s suburban villages are now as beautiful as paintings in the harvest season. Not only in Hanoi but tourists in Vietnam tourism also can see this beautiful sceneries in many countrysides of Vietnam. Harvesting rice in the afternoon in a field of My Duc district....

  • Tet festival holds in the RoK

    Tet festival holds in the RoK

    01/02/2013 03:34

    Ambassador Tran Trong Toan said an official Tet celebration ceremony will be held at the Vietnam Embassy’s headquarters on February 2 for Vietnamese working and living in the RoK. Participants will feel like at home to see a big branch of peach blossom and enjoy traditional...

  • Hanoi Botanical Gardens

    Hanoi Botanical Gardens

    23/01/2013 03:26

    Time for an escape from the hustle-and-bustle of Hanoi, and a chance for a visit to what was obviously the place to have your wedding photos taken, judging by the number of brides being snapped…  We had a few hours on our last morning in Hanoi and we decided to spend them...

  • Hue's panorama

    Hue's panorama

    03/01/2013 03:01

    Hue city Riders: Ao dai wearing cyclists in the Citadel at Hue Photo by a song under the sugar sugar Perfume River Sunset Photo by jeffreylowy Water puppet theater: Water puppets are beautiful, fully articulated puppets depicting life on the Perfume River....

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