• Enjoy snack foods in Hanoi

    Enjoy snack foods in Hanoi

    01/03/2013 03:15

    The best cooking shop is a common thing to see formally dressed gentlemen sitting in low chairs for their breakfast bowl of pho—an interesting Hanoi eating style. But we are not talking about pho or bun cha, since these great dishes have been introduced to the world many times...

  • Vietnamese cuisine attract tourists

    Vietnamese cuisine attract tourists

    27/02/2013 04:03

    cooking " href="/food-drink/vietnamese-food/">Vietnamese food , with a wide range of delicious dishes bearing the hallmarks of each region, is close to all Vietnamese people and even satisfies those from other countries. Popular dishes appear on the menus of high-end hotels inside and...

  • Cao Lau - A delicious cuisine in Hoi An

    Cao Lau - A delicious cuisine in Hoi An

    25/02/2013 04:21

    On some little-cold days in New Year , if you walk around this town, it is really not difficult to see the quaint eateries. The waitresses always wear the tunic and the "Cao Lau" name is in front of the menu. Cao Lau was mentioned long time ago as contributing to the typical dish of...

  • Nuoc leo rice noodle - A special dish of Tra Vinh

    Nuoc leo rice noodle - A special dish of Tra Vinh

    02/02/2013 03:16

    Nuoc leo rice noodle of Tra Vinh is made of prahok sauce after suppressing the fish bodies to obtain the first extract. The cooked snakehead fish is smoothed well then treated with citronella and chili. Tasty nuoc leo must be transparent, fresh and sauce good-smelling. Raw...

  • Quang noodle - so delicious speciality!

    Quang noodle - so delicious speciality!

    11/01/2013 03:16

    Knowing Vietnamese noodles can be extremely helpful, as “pho” is to Hanoi and beef rice noodles is to Hue city , Quang noodles is very popular in Quang Nam and Da Nang. Quang noodle soups differ than most normal noodle soups in that the soups have just enough broth to barely...

  • Can Tho's specialties - Vietnam

    Can Tho's specialties - Vietnam

    04/12/2012 02:44

    Can Tho is the centre of southwest Vietnam’s fertile delta land, producing an amazing variety of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish which are the basis of the many regional specialties. Most ingredients used in Can Tho’s specialty dishes are produced locally, such as the...

  • Holothurian Fried with Abalone

    Holothurian Fried with Abalone

    30/11/2012 09:43

    Ingredients: (Serves 2) - Fresh holothurian: 1 (300g); abalone: 8; green peas: 7 (100g); ginger, hot pepper, cooking oil, oyster oil, seasoning, ground pepper, cassava flour; quail egg: cauliflower: 200g Preparation: - Gut the holothurian and clean with water and a dash...

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