In the spring, Moc Chau is covered in plum blossoms.

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It is sometimes asserted that if you visit Son La without visiting Moc Chau during the plum blossom season, you will not fully comprehend this country. That's correct; if you visit Moc Chau during the white plum blossom season, when the sky is in the midst of a season change, you will feel as though you are in a wonderland since the hills and valleys are completely covered in the color white.

The most beautiful spots to see Moc Chau plum blossoms

1. Na Ka valley

Because Na Ka is thought to contain the most blossoming plum blossoms, it has long been renowned as the best location to view Moc Chau plum blossoms. This is another reason why Na Ka Valley is a popular tourist destination during floral seasons. Because of the area covered by more than 100 hectares of successive plums, Na Ka is also known as the paradise of plum blossoms or the heaven of thousands of clouds. If you arrive early, the lush prairie will be covered in a paradise of plums in blossom.


2. Mu Nau Valley

Mu Nau valley, where gorgeous Moc Chau plum blooms bloom, is just as stunning as Na Ka valley. You can visit Mu Nau since it is a wild area that not many people are aware of and is thus quite calm if you are hesitant to visit the crowded Na Ka valley. Nearly 200 hectares in size, Mu Nau plum valley is home to a sizable ancient forest that is dotted with lovely apricot orchards and plum plants. The road to Mu Nau is distant, steep, and narrow compared to Na Ka valley; therefore, a motorcycle is required for transportation.


3. Phien Canh Village

There may not be a site like Phieng Canh if you wish to witness houses looming beneath Moc Chau plum flowers or Hmong kids playing. Phieng Canh settlement is at the bottom of a tiny valley and is also situated on the road to Na Ka plum valley. There aren't many blossoms because the plums in this area are mostly old trees, but you can still play with kids and snap pictures here without any problems.


4. Pa Phach Village

Pa Phach, which is entirely distinct from other communities, is situated at the base of the Moc Chau valleys. The journey to the village is challenging; there is a steep incline to negotiate, and the roads are littered with boulders. However, the beauty, colored by the Moc Chau plum blooms, will enchant you.

There are four or five copies here, including Pa Phach 1, Pa Phach 2, Pa Phach 3, and Pa Phach 5. You should plan your trip so that you have enough time to look over all the copies and return on time. The greatest time to visit Pa Phach is in the early morning when the white plum blooms are still covered in dew. Sharing a memory of viewing the Moc Chau plum blossoms in the early morning sun will be the best time to visit Pa Phach. Not forgetting to come here.


5. Ngu Dong Ban On plum forest

Although the terrain is challenging to navigate, the system of five well-known caverns in the Moc Chau area is known as Ngu Dong Ban On and draws travelers because to its untamed landscape. Additionally, the path leading to the five caverns, where Thai people live in relative quiet, is covered in flowering white plum flowers, which adds to the overall image of the location. Not only plum blossoms, but also peach blossoms, ban flowers, and even buckwheat will be in bloom when you visit Ngu Dong Ban On at any time of the year.

People like to travel to Moc Chau on their own to take the initiative to capture all the wonderful scenery. But some people just go to Moc Chau and then come back, five times seven times to "hunt" the Moc Chau plum blossom season in full bloom. So you should prepare a plan before going to Moc Chau so that you don't have to spend a lot of time and still enjoy the beauty of this bloom. If you go at the beginning of the year, you will have the opportunity to participate in many rich and typical cultural festivals of the indigenous people!


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In the spring, Moc Chau is covered in plum blossoms. - Travel - News |  vietnam travel company

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