A day for conciliation and the compassion we need

Published: 21/03/2010 05:00



Every morning when we wake up, we may see warm and splendid sunlight on fields, hills, rivers or on the roofs and the windows of the rooms where we dreamt the night before.

We also hear birds singing in the trees and smell the aroma of flowers, fruits, trees around us and also the fragrance of the dear soil.

However, that wonderful moment in life can be suddenly broken by sad things that happen in this world.

Blood still runs because of cruel wars. Words of animosity still appear in daily newspapers somewhere or in the voices on the radio. They can appear in solemn buildings as well as in our simple houses where last night we whispered sweet words to a loved one. The darkness of mercilessness, jealousness and grudges are still in the eyes of many people.

Why can’t the wonderful moment that we experienced last forever and flood this planet like sunlight? Why do we turn our earth into a place of blood, animosity and coldness?

Every day, there are individuals who work hard for a better life for themselves and there are nations who care only about their own interests.

However, we don’t always realize that while they are trying to build up a better life for ourselves that through selfishness and a lack of altruism we can’t see or don’t want to see the common road of mankind.

Because of our own interests, as an individual or a nation, we become greedy and cruel. We have ignored the common interests of the world. We think mistakenly that when we, as a person or a nation, are prosperous, we have realized our dreams. But we think this without thought as to the impact on the people living next to us or our neighboring countries.

An individual cannot live peacefully when neighboring individuals are under threat. An individual cannot live in a clean environment when others next to him are living in a toxic environment. It is the same for a country.

But perhaps we don’t know about it or we know but selfishness has turned us into blind people. With blindness, man will never enter the world that they dream of and always work towards.

Every day, we have to witness the animosity between individuals just because of minor interests, for example trying to grab several square meters or just several dozens of centimeters of land for their houses or their gardens.

Every day, we also see blood and animosity between countries, just because of an island, a borderline, an oil field or a market. We are solving inequality, imbalance, conflicts and monopoly between individuals and between nations by the measure of evil that is violence. The world is showing its worst and most depraved side in the interests of single individuals or nations.

The world today is richer than ever but the wealth is not in proportion with happiness. The world is not a primitive forest and we are not wild animals living in that forest. We are not wild animals who live in this world with only one goal: turning weak or weaker countries into cooking. If it is, then predictions of doomsday have begun to become a reality.

Have we ever loved this world like we love our own home? Have we ever loved mankind like we love our brothers by birth? We discuss “global citizens” but the only true nature of a global citizen is a person who knows how to love this world and always seek to change it for the better. Perhaps some citizens may say helplessly: I’m a small man so how can I cherish and protect this big big world?

Is it a dream or a vain dignity to cherish and protect the whole world? No. It is a reality and a principle. When a man truthfully loves the land where he stands, even if that piece of land is only just large enough to stand in then he truthfully loves the whole world.

When you love a tree next to you, you love all trees in the planet. When you love a person besides you, you love mankind. And when all people, love the person next to them, love will cover the whole world.

Let’s save the world from hatred, selfishness, emotionless and coldness by the concrete actions of each person in the world. This is the urgent call to many people on this planet.

For that reason, VietNamNet Newspaper and many Vietnamese and foreign intellectuals, together with the people of all social classes in the world, are dreaming and working for a peaceful and cherishable life, choose September 9 as “The day of the world, the day of Conciliation and Love”.

In that day, we call for the world to stop acts that make people feel wretched and fearful. Let’s stop manufacturing weapons. Let’s stop terrorism and terrorist organizations. Let’s stop gunfire and wars. Let’s sleep peacefully.

In that day, let’s make our houses, our offices, our villages and our cities into heavens on this earth. It will be a day without blood, without conflict, without selfishness, without curses, without plots, without sins, without hunger and without emotionless.

That day will be the day each of us is a Saint bringing altruism, understanding and love to others. A day when we will read immortal verses and words of mankind about our love together.

A day where we will listen to wonderful pieces of music and draw splendid pictures of this world together. A day that each of us sits in front of another to say: Forgive Me and I Love You.

A day that each of us wakes up with a reminder: Today I will bring pleasure to a human being. And when we give our kindness to someone, we will feel happy in our heart.

Let’s live together this way for one day. Living any other way is not living for others but for ourselves. Because when we hate somebody, the darkness covers our heart and damages us not the ones we hate. This is a truth that most of us have experienced.

Let’s together turn September 9 into “The day of the world, a day of Conciliation and Love”. That is the day of altruism, sharing and love. We only need to live one such day to immediately see our world change like a miracle.


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