First made-in-Vietnam aircrafts

Published: 21/03/2010 05:00



VietNamNet’s reporters visited the Museum for Air Defense and the Air Force to see Senior Lieutenant-colonel Nguyen Huu Dac, the museum’s director, to learn about Vietnam’s aircrafts.

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The planes manufactured by the army.

Dac said that 2010 is an important year, when many great events will take place, such as the 80th anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the 1000th great anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi and the 35th anniversary of the country’s union.

In that context, the Museum for Air Defense and Air Force will hold an exhibition of the first aircrafts manufactured by Vietnam, the first of its kind so far.

VietNamNet would like to introduce the history of the first aircraft manufactured by the Vietnam Army.

1. Small-sized reconnaissance plane TL-1

In March 1979, the project to design and manufacture small-sized propeller planes was approved and the Air Force was assigned to implement.

At that time, lieutenant-general Truong Khanh Chau, director of the Institute for Aviation Military Technology, (Deputy Minister of Defence later) chaired this project. The aircraft was designed based on the Rallye-220 GT model of France’s Aerospatiale group. After three years, the first TL-1 plane was manufactured.

The aircraft was tested at the Hoa Lac Airport in August 1980, by pilot Nguyen Xuan Hien (General Director of the Vietnam Airlines Corporation later). The first test failed. Later on September 25, 1980, the plane successfully flew at a height of 200m.

After that, TL-1 was tested successfully ten times totaling 102 minutes on the air. This is a landmark of the development of the country’s aviation technology industry.

2. Training plane HL-1

After this project, the Ministry of Defense and the High Command of Air Force assigned the Institute for Aviation Military Technology to manufacture the coaching plane HL-1 in January 1981.

Thanks to experience learnt from the first project, the HL-1 plane worked well in the first trial. HL-1 was designed based on three models Pilatus P3 of Switzerland, Zlin 526 of former Czechoslovakia and Jak 18y of the former USSR.

On July 24, 1984, Chairman of the Ministerial Council Pham Van Dong congratulated the institute’s success and presented a car for designers.

3. Coaching plane HL-2

High-ranking General Van Tien Dung, Minister of Defence suggested to manufacture hydroplanes because Vietnam has a long coach and many rivers.

The project was divided into two phases: 1/ perfecting the HL-1 model and 2/ installing buoys to the airplane. The job began in early 1985 and finished in March 1987. The aircraft was tested successfully in April 1987.

3. Super-light amphibious plane VNS-41

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army, Minister of Defense Pham Van Tra instructed the Air Defense - Air Force Arms to manufacture super-light amphibious plane VNS-41.

This is a light hydroplane made by Factory A41 of the Technical Department of Air Defense and Air Force, based on Russian Che-22 Korvet.

This model is used for forest patrol, agricultural, sports and tourism purposes. This plane can fly for four hours at speed of 120-135km/h. This project was carried out from June 2003 to September 2005. This model has been used for coaching and will be used for commercial purposes.

For the first time, the process of manufacturing of these planes will be introduced at the exhibition at the Museum for Air Defence and Air Force in Hanoi, which opened on February 2.

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