Health benefits of breakfast cereals

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Eating cereals in the morning instead of taking time to brew tea, cook egg and other delicious foods that might tempt us more than oatmeal or corn flakes with yoghurt or milk, but are somewhat time-consuming, may prove more beneficial to our health than we imagine. There are actual health benefits to eat cereals in the morning that meet our body's nutritional requirements.

1. Source of energy.

Cereals are probably the greatest source of energy for human. It provides almost 30% of total calories in regular diet. Cereals are inexpensive and a widely available source of energy, this is the prime reason why people from all budgets prefer cereals as the major energy provider in their diet. Cereal intake tends to be quite high amongst poor income families as they can attain good amount of energy through minimal expenditure. 

2. Helping with normal bowel movements and prevention constipation. 

Cereals have both insoluble and soluble fibers like cellulose, pectin and hemicellulose. These fibers are present in the the bran and pericarp, which often gets demolished while processing, thus it is advisable to consume whole cereals to cure extreme constipation troubles. Cereals also effectively improve peristalsis in the intestine and increase the bulk of the stools, thus keeping your internal system clean. Ragi is high in cellulose and has excellent laxative properties that relieve constipation. Brown rice is also helpful for treating this disorder.

3. Aid digestion

The healthiest breakfast cereals are whole grains because whole grains are an excellent source of dietary fiber. In addition to helping us with normal bowel movements, dietary fibers also aid digestion in two ways: normalizes intestinal transit time; and benefits good bacteria in our digestive tract because it contains prebiotics, natural plant compounds that the good bateria in our digestive tract feeds on.

4. Preventing development of diabetes. 

Incorporating breakfast cereals that are rich in whole grains and high in fiber can help manage or prevent the development of diabetes. High fiber cooking choices have been known to help manage blood sugar levels due to their decreased absorption rate and slower release of sugar into the bloodstream.

A recent meta-analysis evaluated the effects of consuming whole grains versus sugary cereals and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Findings revealed that consuming whole grain cereals resulted in a 30% reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. There were no associations found between consuming sugary cereals and diabetes risk.

Among those with diabetes, consuming muesli or cereals that were oat, barley, or psyllium-based showed improved glucose or insulin level responses. Healthy individuals also demonstrated improved glucose responses when consuming high fiber cereals. However, there have been few long-term studies demonstrating these beneficial effects of high fiber cereals; therefore, stronger evidence is warranted.

5. Maintaining a healthy weight and lower LDL cholesterol

Whole grain breakfast cereals help us maintain a steady and healthy weight because they are rich in dietary fiber. Food rich in dietary fiber such as whole grain cereals usually take loger to chew and eat, thus, our brain has enough time to send out signals that we are full, then we do not overeat. Moreover, because it remains virtually undigested, dietary fiber in breakfast cereals do not add calories to your diet, which means it does not contribute to weight gain, it just fills us. 

The important point to use cereal for breakfast is that it makes LDL cholesteron be lower, LDL is a "bad" cholesterol that collects in the walls of your blood vessels and cause blockages, even heart attack due to a sudden blood clot formed there. 

6. Preventing cancer

Whole wheat products reduce the chances of breast cancer. Cereals are rich in phytosterols or plant based steroids and plant estrogen that stimulate the hormone estrogen. Phytosterols bind to estrogen receptors present in the tissues of the breast and blocks human oestrogen that promotes the growth of breast cancer. Many studies have shown that colon cancers can be avoided by consuming whole wheat products or any fiber-rich cereals. Phytosterols increase the stool movement through the intestines, thereby constricting the re-absorption time of the estrogen into the blood through the colon wall.

However, you should not consume cereals excessively to avoid being dyspepsia or other unwanted effects. 

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