Music market flooded with new projects

Published: 29/03/2010 05:00



Vietnamese singers are become active professionally, clearly evident from their annual schedule for the early days of 2010. Many singers have also chosen 2010 to launch big projects.

Singer Quang Dung.

Perhaps the economic recovery has persuaded singers to conduct their major projects in 2010 to stir up the frozen music market. One singer who disclosed her yearly plan is pop star My Tam with a project called M.O.T 1011 (Melodies of Times). This project includes a photo book and a CD with songs about love for Vietnam, with a special edition album with old love songs and charity activities.

Another pop idol, Dam Vinh Hung, announced that in 2010 he would introduce his the highest number of albums in a year: a total of six albums. He will also organize two live shows in Hanoi and HCM City with five standards: no air conditioner, no set, non-stop music, no slow music and not open for people with weak hearts.

Pop star My Tam.

The pop star plans to cooperate with HCM City’s Idecaf stage to organsie a show of old songs in October, beside a year-end show featuring a night party and dancing.

After the success of Music of the Night 2009, Duc Tuan will have two live shows this year, “Love Song” in July and a classical music concert in October. The latter show will feature the production group of “Music of the Night” and British conductor Paul Bateman. Tuan will release CDs and DVDs of the show in addition to another CD recorded with singer Tran Le Quynh.

Quang Dung will return in a trans-Vietnam tour of Quy Nhon, Hanoi and Da Nang. He will close 2010 with an impressive show in HCM City reviewing his 10 recent albums.

Thanh Thao said she will introduce “Thanh Thao 8315” (8-3 as her birthday and 15 is 15 years of singing) and another album “Thanh Thao Dance Remix 2010,” an album of old songs and a DVD in cooperation with songwriter Minh Vy. The live show to celebrate her 15 years of singing will be held on August 8, entitled “Passport to BupBe (babydoll) City”. She will change her appearance this year with a closely-shaven head.

Duc Tuan.

2010 will be a bustling year for senior singer Phuong Thanh, with up to four albums featuring old songs, folk songs, rock and a miscellaneous album.

Young singer Nguyen Vu will also begin his biggest project so far, including an album with Vietnamese American singer Phi Nhung and an album recorded in Japan and a live show.

Another remarkable project belongs to Thu Minh, who plans to produce a ballad album, a dance album and a DVD shot in China, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Doan Trang promised to have an album in English recorded in Germany entitled “The Unmake-up” and a joint album with Ho Hoai Anh, besides a single issued on March 8.

Thanh Thao.

Many warn that Vietnamese singers will have to face piracy. Organizers said that if only 50 percent of musical projects are realized, the market would be disturbed because of the shortage of talented directors, stages and audiences.

Many singers thought that it was a good idea to announce their projects early as a way to advertise their names, seek sponsors and pressure them to complete their plans. However, as the music market is not very professional, up to 50 percent of plans like these fail and they lose their fans’ faith.


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