A trip to Thuy An silk shop 

Published: 01/05/2011 05:00


Thuy An silk shop in Hanoi offers high-end, tailor-made clothing at very reasonable prices.

Quality tailor-made clothing can be purchased in Vietnam, at very reasonable prices, if you know where to go.

Expats with an eye for fabrics and good bargaining chops usually visit fabric markets before making a trip to their local tailor.

When time is of the essence, however, others choose to visit tailors who maintain their own selections of quality cloth.

Thuy An silk shop in Hanoi is just such a place.

Located on Hang Bong Street, Thuy An is not the only place in town plying needlework and high-quality silks.

But it’s a beautiful spot, in and of itself.


179 Hang Bong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

This inviting shop was once a traditional Vietnamese home made entirely of wood. Even after an extensive renovation, the shop maintains a classical appeal.

Leave the heat of the summer and enter this calm dark space, adorned with ancient decorations. The beauty of the old, peaceful Hanoi is in the air.

“We are very proud that the former French first lady (Jacques Chirac) visited our shop twice,” said Thuy An, the owner of the shop. “Customers can order from us online; our products travel all over the world.”

This two-story shop maintains an extensive selection of high-end silk and accessories for ladies.

It offers tailor services for both women and men. Thuy An’s “ao dai” (the traditional, tight-fitting silk tunic) is one of the best in the city.

While their services are topnotch, their prices are not unreasonable.

They offer something for everyone.

Tailor services range from around VND300,000 (US$15) for a dress to a million dong ($50) for a quilt land coat. Other reasonably priced items include a beautiful collection of silk scarves, some featuring hand-embroidered lotuses and buffaloes.

Thuy An is service-orientated and they are happy to offer advice for those who aren’t quite sure what they are looking for.

Reported by Tina Pham

Provide by Vietnam Travel

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