The vestige - Gia Long waterfall

Published: 20/07/2013 07:18



People who love discovering the Highlands mountains and forest should visit Dak Nong, one of provinces in the south of the Highlands. It has a lot of beautiful and imposing landscapes. The treasure of Dak Nong forest is waterfalls. One of them is Gia Long waterfall.

Located in Krong Ne district, Dak Nong province, Gia Long waterfall is very imposing. In order to go to the waterfall, you have to go through a forest.  You can listen to the songs of birds and the sound of waterfalls.

There are many kinds of hundred-year-old trees that are very tall and big in the forest.

Gia Long waterfall’s another name is Dray Sap Thuong waterfall. According to local people, they call the waterfall Gia Long because Gia Long King visited here to rest and he also gave the order to built a road leading to the waterfall.

In Gia Long waterfall, there is a tunnel connecting roads and chain bridges built by French. Now, the waterfall is an attractive ecotourism area. Coming here, you can not only contemplate fantastic scenery but also wander in mysterious old forests to discover marvellousness of the nature.

After visiting Gia Long waterfall, you can go 600 meters along Serepok river to come to a lake that has an area of about 100 square meters. It will be a very great pool for you.

Source: TTVN

Translated by Nguyen Quynh

Provide by Vietnam Travel

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