• Perfume Pagoda pilgrimage

    Perfume Pagoda pilgrimage

    25/02/2013 03:53

    Sitting in the boat, my friends and I feel as free as birds, enjoying the gentle wind and the peaceful scenery passing gently by. We are travelling to the entrance of Huong Pagoda , better known as the Perfume Pagoda, Vietnam’s most famous pilgrimage site for Buddhists. Water...

  • Culture in ethnic groups

    Culture in ethnic groups

    23/02/2013 02:37

    Through performances and other activities, representatives from 16 ethnic groups would help revive traditional rituals and folk games to promote understanding about ethnic cultures, said the festival organisers from the Cultural Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups - Vietnam travel...

  • Vietnam taste in Hoi An food

    Vietnam taste in Hoi An food

    21/02/2013 03:35

    At 11am beneath the multi-coloured tarps of Hoi An's cooking market, the mugginess is cloying and the trade is brisk. Scents of coriander, lemongrass and basil lace the air, kaleidoscopic fruit stands with luminescent chilli and fresh herbs distract the eyes. The market visit is my...

  • Visitors buy good luck at Vieng market

    Visitors buy good luck at Vieng market

    20/02/2013 03:44

    According to popular belief, anything boughtat the market, which opens every year at midnight on the 7th and only remains open through the 8th, will bring good luck to the customer for the whole year. The one-a-year spring market displays handicrafts, antiques and modern...

  • Traditional Tet preferred by everyone in Vietnam

    Traditional Tet preferred by everyone in Vietnam

    18/02/2013 03:19

    Choi Yi Seob, Korean, Ha Noi I have been in Hanoi for nearly five years. My wife and I enjoyed two Tets in Hanoi and two others in South Korea. This year, we will stay here. My wife – a traditional Vietnamese woman and myself often go together every year to the flower market...

  • Historic house becomes tourist destination

    Historic house becomes tourist destination

    28/01/2013 04:37

    The house is famous for its unique architecture which is the harmonious combination of Vietnamese, French and Chinese styles. It is the place that witnessed the romantic love between Marguerite Duras, a well-known French writer, and Huynh Thuy Le, the son of the Huynh Family who is the...

  • Ba Na Village in Central Highlands

    Ba Na Village in Central Highlands

    07/01/2013 02:37

    Ba Na village is situated in the central highlands, Kon Tum province . This local village is featured with beautiful wooden stilt houses with unique staircases made by the local people themselves. Each staircase is carefully carved by the skilful Ba Na men. There are several Ba Na...

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