• Vinh Hung tower's ancient architecture vestige

    Vinh Hung tower's ancient architecture vestige

    05/01/2013 01:54

    Vinh Hung tower is located in Vinh Hung A commune, Vinh Loi district, Bac Lieu province. The tower is the only ancient architecture vestige in the Mekong River Delta, originated from Angkor period of Khmer people, which is still preserved till nowadays. Following the National highway...

  • A pay visit to Cao Dai Temple

    A pay visit to Cao Dai Temple

    03/01/2013 02:42

    Founded in the 1920′s, Cai Dai was seen as the answer to the ideal religion and they also worship western icons with the like of Victor Hugo, William Shakespeare and even Joan of Arc. The religion has about three million followers, all in Southern Vietnam and there are several Cao...

  • Saint Joseph Cathedral in Hanoi capital

    Saint Joseph Cathedral in Hanoi capital

    12/12/2012 09:23

    There are a lot of churches and cathedrals and one of the most attractive destinations in Hanoi is Saint Joseph Cathedral. Saint Joseph Cathedral is one of the most recognizable sights in the city. It has an open generally empty plaza that is sided by shops and restaurants. The...

  • Peripheral attractions - Vietnam

    Peripheral attractions - Vietnam

    06/12/2012 03:54

    Every year, the Yen Tu Mountain, where Vietnamese Zen Buddhism founder King Tran Nhan Tong (1258-1308) became enlightened, draws hundreds of thousands of pilgrims. They usually access the 1,064-meter mountain from its east side and a cable car system. But, even as Yen Tu gets all...

  • Vietnamese's Tet holiday

    Vietnamese's Tet holiday

    04/12/2012 02:21

    The first day of Tet holiday The first day of Vietnamese lunar new year is reserved for the nuclear family, that is, the husband’s household. Immediate family members get together and celebrate with the husband’s parents. A younger brother, if the parents are not alive, will...

  • Quan Ba skydoor in Ha Giang

    Quan Ba skydoor in Ha Giang

    28/11/2012 09:46

    The gateway to the geopark is called Quan Ba by local people meaning skydoor due to its height and the fact that fog always covers the top, which makes people think it is the door to the sky. Tam Son City in all its glory seen from Quan Ba skydoor. Not only that but it has a...

  • Binh Thien Lake - Tourism Potential

    Binh Thien Lake - Tourism Potential

    27/11/2012 03:02

    According to a local legend, a general from the Tay Son time (1778-1802) chose this location for his troops sanctuary. Due to the dry soil, the general set up an altar to offer gifts and prayers to God, hoping in return they would receive water. At the worshipping site, he planted his...

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