Ministry hopes to attract more tourists, promote cultural values

Published: 08/03/2009 05:00



LookAtVietnam – Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Tran Chien Thang spoke to Thoi bao Kinh te Viet Nam (Vietnam Economic Times) newspaper about boosting tourist programmes.

This year, our ministry will focus on building programmes to boost domestic tourism.

Recently, at some popular tourism sites, there were not enough hotel rooms and a lack of tours. However, we do have wide-scale reductions in tour prices. We only have promotions for a few given tours, and for a few given groups of clients. Of course, there will be a selection for markets, specific clients, and specific tours to attract tourists. We can’t force tourism enterprises to reduce their prices widely.

Price reduction and quality assurance are effective measures to benefit the tourism enterprises themselves.

Viet Nam now has five relics and two intangible cultural heritages that have been recognised by UNESCO. What should we do to exploit their potential to attract tourists?

We have favourable conditions because we did a good job with our relic preservation activities and we have our nation’s historical and cultural values to offer, which has earned us world recognition.

In addition, the ministry is now in charge of tourism development. The combination of promotion programmes to make the world well aware about our culture and tourism prove to be a very effective solution. I hope the solution will be put into effect soon.

What should we do to preserve and protect our national cultural values and also strongly exploit our tourism potential?

To synchronise the preservation and development of our national cultural values, I think that we need three elements:

First, we need a legal system to manage the national cultural heritage.

Second, any enterprises or offices that abuse or exploit these treasures should be made public.

Third, we must raise awareness among each resident of the precious heritage that we have. At present, we have very precious elements left of our heritage, but if we do not properly preserve and exploit them, these values will fade away.

Therefore, exploitation of national cultural values should be synchronous, and each resident should respect our cultural values to preserve them for the future, and for him or herself.

It is important to combine official management and each civilian’s responsibility.

This year, our ministry will focus on building programmes to boost domestic tourism.

What should tourism enterprises do to raise their competitive ability?

We have just built a cultural tourism sector in the 10 years following market mechanisms, while regional countries have taken advantage of it for a much longer time. Foreign enterprises have a lot of experience in attracting tourists. Vietnamese enterprises should first try to catch up with the foreign enterprises to gradually raise their competitiveness.

How can the ministry fine tourism enterprises that do not reduce their tour prices following the commitment?

If you do not want to play, you have to stand alone. This is a WTO rule and we will follow that rule.

What about targets for culture, sports and tourism activities this year?

The cultural sector’s targets this year are to raise the cultural and spiritual life of the people, promote traditional and cultural values and teach the tradition of patriotism to build a better country.

The tourism sector’s targets are to attract more tourists and introduce them to the country and people of Viet Nam.

The tourism sector is closely linked with culture and develops on cultural foundations. We should exploit cultural values to create unique cultural products.

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Ministry hopes to attract more tourists, promote cultural values - Interviews - In depth |  vietnam travel company

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