Classical music star Sarah Change answers your questions in Hanoi

Published: 20/01/2010 05:00



Violinist Sarah Chang will perform for the first time in Vietnam at the Hennessy concert on January 22. To mark the occasion, she agreed to an online talk with VietNamNet’s readers January 21.

How have you prepared for the first concert in Vietnam?

This is my first time in Vietnam so I feel very enthusiastic about the concert. I recorded the works that I will play in this concert in France and have performed them in many places around the world. Myself and the pianist have combined well together in previous shows.

Could you tell us about the music that you will play on January 22?

I will open the concert by Brahms’ Sonatensatz. I would say that the first part of the show is for Brahms’ works. In the second part of the concert I will play the piece for violin and piano that Christopher Theofanidis wrote for me and the Sonata by Cesar Franck.

Please tell us about your special violin.

It is a Guarneri Del Gesus violin, which was made in 1717. It is really an antique. It was preserved in a museum and is quite rare. I bought it ten years ago. Its sound is very deep and its figure is very soft and charming.

How long will you be in Vietnam after the concert and what are your plans in Hanoi?

I hope that during my time in Vietnam I will have a chance to travel around the city. Today I will lose a whole day doing press conferences. My time in Vietnam is so short. I’ve taken two meals in Vietnam and the cooking is wonderful. I just walked around the Hanoi Opera House and I hope to have time for shopping.

One more thing, Vietnamese people are wonderful!

Besides your passion for music, what are your hobbies? May I make friends with you on Facebook?

I like shopping and I shop very well. I also like going to bars and to restaurants with my friends. I’m a fan of movies. I’m afraid that I’m not on Facebook. I only use Twitter.

Being honored as one of the top 20 women in the world, could you share your secrets to preserve your beauty and fame?

(Laugh) This question makes me sound older than my age. I’m still very young. I started my career at the age of 9 and now I’m 20.

But this is a title is mainly for politicians, however, playing music is one of the truest arts because you can see the success or failure of artists on the stage. I also like fashion and many other things but music is my top priority.

You learned playing piano at the age of 3 but now you play violin. Why did you change? Was it due to the influence of your parents?

My mother suggested that I play the piano when I was 3.5 years old but I don’t like piano very much. It was lucky that my father plays violin and he inspired me. When I was a child, my mother let me try everything including ballet, aerobics, to discover my talent and finally I chose violin.

You are considered very stylish. What part does fashion play in your life?

I mainly play classical music so my outfit is important but it is not too significant like it is for opera or singers. I think costumes must be suitable to my personality and the music. For example, if I perform music works by Brahms I have to dress more smartly.

I’m a young artist so I like fashion very much but I don’t want my outfits attract the audience too much. If the audiences pay more attention to my outfit than the music I play I would see it a mistake. So I want to make the audience more interested in my music.

You are one of the most talented violinists in the world at present. Does fame ruin your private life? Have you ever wished to be an ordinary girl in order to enjoy life pleasures?

Frankly I don’t want to return to my private normal life! If I stay at home for just two days then I want to get back to work immediately. I love moving and visiting new cities. That’s the life I chose. If I don’t travel it means I don’t do anything. And life will be absolutely boring.

Did you know about Vietnam before you came here and what message do you want to send to classical music lovers in Vietnam?

I’m very enthusiastic about this performance in Vietnam and have a chance to discover a new world here. I’m grateful to Hennessy for organizing this event. For me, it is a wonderful thing to go to Vietnam. I hope that next time I can meet with Vietnamese artists and musical students.

As artist of Asian origins, do you have special feelings when you perform in Asian countries? What do you expect from the first concert in Vietnam on January 22?

I’m Asian so I feel differently here. Classical music is getting more popular in Asia. Asian classical music players in Asia are very young while musical students are patient and responsible so I think I have a responsibility to help them.

Coming to Hanoi is a special feeling. The Hanoi Opera House looks big from outside but it is not too big inside. However, the audiences who don’t have an opportunity to get inside the theatre to enjoy the concert can watch it on a big screen outside. It encourages me a lot!

Thank you Sarah Chang! We wish you a successful show in Vietnam!


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