Hanoi to build satellite city in Hoa Lac

Published: 21/03/2010 05:00



Hanoi will develop five satellite cities, and the first will be built some 35 kilometers west of center city in Hoa Lac, said Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Dinh Toan said.

Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Dinh Toan.

Toan spoke to reporters after the Cabinet was briefed on a controversial master plan to guide development of the capital to 2030 and a ‘vision to 2050.’

Reporters: The government heard a report on Hanoi master plan. What did the Prime Minister say?

Toan: The Prime Minister agreed in principle that Hanoi will develop in the form of a central city, surrounded by five satellite cities: Hoa Lac, Son Tay, Xuan Mai, Phu Xuyen-Phu Minh and Soc Son. These satellite cities will be connected by expressways. The Lang-Hoa Lac highway is being expanded already. Other roads will be built in the future.

This transportation system will be highly integrated. In the future, people will not see a difference between Hanoi and Ha Tay [the largely rural province which was merged into Hanoi in 2008 – ed.]. Living conditions will be good in both areas.

Which satellite city will be built first?

The construction of satellite cities will be carried serially in several phases: 2010-2020, 2020-2030 and 2030-2050, based on the availability of capital.

I think Hoa Lac will be developed first because the Lang-Hoa Lac highway will be complete in 2010. Further, this residential area will have a 1000 hectare Hanoi National University campus as its core. The government has already prepared some projects in this area.

How about the residential areas along the banks of the Red River?

New residential areas along the Red River’s banks are already part of the Hanoi planning scheme. There’s a problem though: the development plan for the riverbanks was designed before Hanoi’s expansion in August 2008. That means other development possibilities weren’t taken into consideration, so the riverbanks plan must be re-evaluated.

Where will the administrative centre be?

The Lang - Hoa Lac Highway.

According to plan, after 2030 the administrative centre will be sited in the Hoa Lac/Ba Vi area.

That’s an awfully long time from now.

I don’t mean we’ll wait until 2030 to start the process. From now to 2030, ministries and agencies will be gradually moved out of central Hanoi. Some agencies will be based in My Dinh district, but under current conditions, it is not feasible to move all government agencies out of the centre.

What’s the character of Hanoi in the future, according to the planners?

The emphasis is on culture, shown by the landscape, architecture and space. Consultants have researched the connections between the culture of Hanoi and Ha Tay. For example, along the Thang Long expressway, which will run from Hanoi’s centre to Ba Vi, there will be museums, libraries and parks. Space for Hanoi and Ha Tay’s culture will be designed. Duong Lam ancient village near Son Tay and the Hanoi Old Quarter will be preserved.

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