• Obama ơi: supporters in Vietnam celebrate reelection

    Obama ơi: supporters in Vietnam celebrate reelection

    09/11/2012 01:57

    Michael Barrs, a teacher at the American School, rang in President Barack Obama's reelection with a Captain America costume. "In between classes, I was checking, I was so excited," he said of seeing the news about Obama's victory. "My students were excited, too."( Photo: Lien Hoang...

  • Beneath the ‘Viet-Kieu’ label

    Beneath the ‘Viet-Kieu’ label

    06/11/2012 08:24

    I told him about my upbringing, how my family had immigrated after the American War as it is called here (or Vietnam War). Then, in the middle of my explanation, his eyes lit up as it dawned upon him that I was a ‘Viet-Kieu,’ or an overseas Vietnamese, and not a Korean tour guide...

  • “Vietnam always in my heart”

    “Vietnam always in my heart”

    05/11/2012 05:21

    Working as a volunteer in the country, Deffrennes, known as Stan, says he has learnt Vietnamese to talk to local people and always takes part in helping disadvantaged students at school. Stan (centre) and his students in Hue city Through many trips to different countries in Asia,...

  • Eat Vietnam – how to become a local

    Eat Vietnam – how to become a local

    05/11/2012 04:10

    In general, Vietnamese cooks pay great attention to the balance of ingredients in each dish. Yin and Yang, pillars of ancient Asian philosophy, account for the stability of all substances Completeness: In daily meals, the Vietnamese rely on all the 5 senses to tickle the appetite. Almost...

  • Married to a foreign wife

    Married to a foreign wife

    30/10/2012 02:45

    In Vietnamese history, King Le Than Tong married foreign wives, with one coming from a Western country. Being a wife of the King, the Dutch lady resided in Thang Long imperial city (now Hanoi) and learnt Vietnamese to talk to local people. Nowadays many Vietnamese men, especially those who...

  • When Hermes still smiles in Vietnam

    When Hermes still smiles in Vietnam

    23/10/2012 04:28

    The Hermes I’m discussing is the Paris-based, high-fashion luxury-goods manufacturer who earlier this year was announced by the World Luxury Association as the world’s most luxurious brand, followed by Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior, and Versace. Four years ago, the...

  • Women’s Day

    Women’s Day

    19/10/2012 06:34

    The museum is shabby, sobering reminder of the bad old days, a repository of decrepit weaponry used by Vietnam and its enemies over the generations. A centerpiece is the rusting sculptural collage formed from the wreckage of downed aircraft. But during my first visit, two displays from...

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