“Virtual marriages” – a new trend for teens

Published: 26/02/2011 05:00


To prove their everlasting love, many teen couples have acquired “virtual marriage certificates”.

To prove their everlasting love, many teen couples have acquired “virtual marriage certificates”.

A very hot topic on Pro9x online forum for people who were born in the 1990s is “Center for Marriage Registration”. This topic has lured a lot of members, with the following advertisement:

“There are many couples in our forum who want to get married. To meet your demands, we created this topic. From now on, you can visit this topic to make your “Marriage Registration”. Please fill the following “Application for Marriage Registration”. Admin will consider and grant you the marriage certificate. In addition, your names will be updated to the list of couples of our forum”.

Another topic for teenage also advertise: “Couples who are looking for a complete marriage can visit us to register for marriage by filling out the following form”.

This is a “fashion” from China. The virtual marriage certificate is to remind them of love and to show their “ownership” over their girlfriend/boyfriend.

Minh, a high-school girl, explained: “This is completely normal. We get virtual marriage certificate for fun and to confirm our attachment in love”.

Hoang Yen, a teen girl from Hanoi, said: “I feel like we are a married couple, and we are more serious and more responsible to each other after getting the virtual marriage certificate.”

Some adults said that marriage is extremely important and the youth should not consider it as a joke.

Many teen couples not only register for marriage but also take their personal pictures to post on their blogs or forums to prove their love. Some couples don’t publicize their sensitive pictures but in some cases, after they break-up, some boys used the pictures to blackmail their ex-girlfriends and became criminals.

Quynh Nga, a student from Hanoi, was in trouble when her ex-boyfriend sent their personal pictures and video clips to her current boyfriend.

Teens can prove their loves in many ways but they should be careful to not become the victims of such “evidence of love”.

Minh Ngoc

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“Virtual marriages” – a new trend for teens - Best Buys-Services - Life in Vietnam |  vietnam travel company

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