Actress criticized for wearing Chinese traditional gown

Published: 06/06/2011 05:00



La Thanh Huyen, actress and the winner of Women in the 21st Century - a reality show on national Vietnam Television (VTV) – has been strongly criticized for her sensitive pictures.

In these pictures, which were posted on a magazine, taken at a conference of a Swiss company in China, Huyen wore a Chinese traditional gown – cheongsam. Many people criticized Huyen on online forums.

“While the East Sea situation is tense, she wore a Chinese gown to take picture. It is ridiculous!,” a reader named T at  wrote.

Danh Danh at wrote: “I don’t know what this actress is thinking. At this moment she wore a Chinese gown. She only knew to make up and travel? She did not read newspaper, didn’t she!”

Hien at wrote: “As a Woman in the 21st Century, but she wore a Chinese gown to attend a conference held by a Swiss firm, especially at the time Vietnam and China have tension?”

My Loan from Dong Thap province wrote: “I don’t know what is La Thanh Huyen thinking. It is unacceptable even if these pictures were taken a long time ago and they are launched now. This is a sensitive moment now. As a Vietnamese woman, why she didn’t wear Vietnamese traditional costumes but Chinese traditional gown”.

However, some had sympathy for Huyen, as saying that she only showed her respect to the host country of the even.

This is a big lesson for La Thanh Huyen. In the region, Chinese movie star Zhaowei was boycotted for two years by Chinese fans for wearing clothes printed with a Japanese flag. South Korean movie star Lee Seung Yeun was also boycotted in her home country for taking pictures featuring Korean women who were forced to serve Japanese in the war.


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