Hanoi: Police officers disguise to detect parking fee violations

Published: 07/06/2011 05:00



VietNamNet Bridge – A dozen of parking lots in Hanoi have been fined for overcharging customers. Police officers are allowed to disguise to find out parking fee violations.

Lieutenant-general Nguyen Duc Nhanh, Director of the Hanoi Police Agency, said that from now on, not only transport police and transport inspectors, but also economic police also involve in punishing parking fee violations.

Apart from scheduled and unscheduled inspections, economic police officers can disguise themselves as drivers to detect parking fee violations.

General Nhanh said that there are over 1,000 parking lots in Hanoi, including 350 unlicensed parking lots which often violate the regulations on parking fees. Hanoi authorities have fined 14 parking lots.

The Hanoi Police Agency and the Hanoi Department of Transport will join hands to inspect parking lots in the city.

“Parking lots that have broken the rules several times or those operate illegally will be closed,” General Nhanh said.

According to regulations, the parking fees for bicycles is VND1,000/time, VND2,000/night and VND25,000/month. For motorbikes, the fees are VND2,000, VND3,000 and VND45,000 respectively.

For cars of nine seats and less, and trucks of less than 1.5 tons, the fees are VND10,000/time and VND20,000 for cars of ten seats or more, and trucks of over 1.5 tons. The parking fees at night must not be three times over the daylight fees.

However, most of parking lots in Hanoi collect very high fees, which are often 1 to 3 times over the regulations.


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