Student are not graduating university, why?

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VietNamNet Bridge – In some majors, the number of students who graduate school is very modest, at 20-30 percent of total students.

Students do not like their courses


In 2009, only 30 percent of students of the intermediate training program (2-year training) of the Saigon Tourism Vocational School graduated the school. According to Phan Buu Toan, MA, Deputy President of the school, a half of the undergraduate students skipped class too much and they did not attend their exams, while others changed to other majors or sought employment even when they had not finished studying. A lot of students fell tired of their majors or they thought they could not continue studying. Meanwhile, many other were too busy working parttime jobs to earn a living and could not pass the exams.

The number of students finishing the intermediate training system of the HCM City Natural Resources – Environment Junior College in 2010 was also very modest, at 30 percent. “Most of the students were not passionate about the majors they chose,” explained Huynh Chuc, MA, Deputy President of the school. “Some students asked to change to another major, though they could not give reasonable explanations about why they decided so”.

Dr Le Quang Duc, Lecturer of the Automatic Control class at the HCM City Transport University, said that he teaches this class to four sections and students of two of the sections have to repeat the class. “This is really a difficult class. However, the main problem is that students think that the material will not be useful, and they do not want to study hard,” Duc said.

Deputy President of the HCM City Transport University said that the percentage of graduates is very low in some majors, at about 40-45 percent, for example, mechanical engineering or waterway works. “It is partially because of the low capability of the students registering for the major, and partially because these are very difficult subjects. “Nearly 20 percent of the students who cannot pass the exams, have asked to shift to junior college training or in-service training courses.

Dr Le Bao Lam, President of the HCM City Open University, also said that a lot of students of the school cannot finish their training courses because they choose the majors unsuitable for them. Some students decided to give up school after a period of studying because they thought they made mistakes in choosing their major.

For the last four years, Phuc Kien in District 10 in HCM City has been seeking a job. Kien was interviewed by many companies, but he was refused because he did not have a bachelor degree.

In fact, Kien believes that he is very good at information technology and he can undertake all work relating to information technology and network. “However, my problem is that I still do not have a university degree,” Kien said.

He related that he was once a student of the Information Technology Faculty of the Nha Trang Fisheries University, HCM City Branch. However, he quit school after two years of studying. After that he studied information technology at the HCM City University of Natural Sciences, and then he passed the exams to the corporate governance faculty of the Open University because he planned to set up a business of his own. However, as there were too many lessons burdening him, he did not pass the exams and was forced to study at the junior college level. Feeling discouraged, he decided to give up school. As the result, he has no university degree now, even though he once studied at three universities.

Tran Dinh Ly, MA, Head of the Students’ Affairs Division under the HCM City University of Agriculture and Forestry, said that following studies at two schools at the same time is now quite common because young people want to have deep and specialized knowledge to be able to find good jobs. However, many students  assume the grass is greener on the other side and therefore do not concentrate on their studies. As the result, they are unable to complete any university degree.

Sharing the same view, Phan Huu Tan Duc from Nguyen Tat Thanh Junior College said that following many studies at the same time would be a double-edge sword. “They would know many things but they do not have deep knowledge in any fields. A lot of people are no not qualified, but still want good jobs with high salaries,” he said.

Source: Tien phong

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