Strange hairstyles at school after Tet

Published: 15/02/2011 05:00



VietnamNet Bridge – Many strange hairstyles have appeared at school in Hanoi after Tet. Educators have expressed their worries about the school environment.

returning to school after the Tet holiday, students of 12D class of Pham Hong Thai High school were surprised at the new hairstyle of their classmate, H. which looked like a horse mane on a shaved head. Two days later, under the pressure of the school’s management board, H. had to return to his normal hair style.

There were many such cases at schools in Hanoi. Tet holiday is a time when many students from well-off families get new hairstyles to show off, which usually costs them a lot of money. Some students said that they had to spend several million dong. “Many hairstyles are so odd, and the hair colors include yellow, purple, silver… Their nails are also painted in many colors”, said a teacher.

According to school management officers, on the first day after Tet, teachers ignored their students’ odd fashion styles. However, if the students did not change on the second day, they would be asked to meet headmasters to be instructed to keep neat looks. If they deliberately did not obey the instructions, they would get disciplined.

“On February 10, I talked to my two students and told them to change their styles. In general, we tried not to use any harsh disciplinary measures, but when students have to talk with headmaster, they would understand the seriousness of the problem, and they change their styles themselves”, said Nguyen Quoc Thang – Headmaster of Hai Ba Trung-Doan Ket High School.

Tran Hung Dao-Thanh Xuan High School has also given his students one week to go back to their normal looks. “On February 11, we announced that the following Monday would be the deadline for students to change their hair and fashion styles back to normal. If they don’t obey, they will have to clean the school yard”, said a management officer.

Beside the odd hair and fashion styles, students’ sleeping in class is also a problem. A high school teacher said: “I work at two schools, one is private school, and the other is public. Most of the students in the private school sleep in class, and it is only slightly better at the public school. One student slept so deeply that he didn’t wake up even when poked with my chalk”.

students’ dozing off in class after Tet, especially the students who go to school in the morning, is quite widespread. In general, all teachers sympathize with them and give them some time to get used to the school environment again.

“Most students sleep in class because during Tet they usually stay up late and wake up at 9-10 o’clock in the morning. But now they have to wake up at 6 am to get to school, so they can’t help feeling sleepy. We sympathize with them and know that punishing them won’t bring any results. The only thing to do is asking their parents to help them adjust their schedules”, said Nhu Huong – a teacher at Pham Hong Thai High School.

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