Alarm bells sound over nude pictures of youths on Internet

Published: 22/03/2011 05:00



VietNamNet Bridge – The syndrome of Vietnamese young people posting nude pictures on the Internet has been described as a kind of “depraved morality”. Many reasons have been cited to explain the problem, including bad sex education, a lack of the care by families and schools for students and the boom of information technology.

Nhung just entered the 10th grade when her parents bought a laptop for her. This was not the award for Nhung’s good learning results. The parents gave her a laptop just because they do not want Nhung to share the same computer with them. Every member in Nhung’s family has a laptop of his own. Therefore, Nhung can do everything she wants with her laptop.

Nhung regularly hears her friends talking about sex, which is the favorite topic of conversation among her classmates. After school hours, Nhung returns home, turns her laptop on and seeks information about sex on Google. She just needs to make a mouse click to find out the information she wants. Nhung feels impressed with a lot of nude pictures of girls she finds on the Internet, which she thinks can teach her how to “behave like adults”.

One time, Nhung read on the Internet that many Chinese and South Korean girls now like posting nude pictures on the Internet to become “hot girls”. And Nhung just thinks that she also wants to become a “hot girl”. Nhung discussed with a friend and the two came to an agreement that they also need to post nude pictures on Internet to show that their bodies are even more beautiful than those of Chinese or South Korean hot girls.

Unlike Nhung, Lieu has grown up in a family where her father sets a lot of principles for her. Lieu has never been given sex education lessons. She has to return home right after school hours and she does not have time to associate with many friends. However, the harsh principles have stirred the curiosity of Lieu. She has been trying to go out with friends who have taught Lieu how to take nude pictures and post on Internet. “At first, I only dared to wear low-necked shirts or shorts, but after that, I decided to take off all my clothes. So do my friends,” she said.

At high school, Tuan was called “bookworm” because he spent all daytime reading books. Therefore, no one could imagine that he would become a playboy one day. Being a student of the architecture school, Tuan believes that he needs to change his style to make it fit the style of his friends.

According to Tuan, a man at the age of 20 would be considered a fool if he had never heard about sex or never searched on Google to look for hot girls. At the meetings with elderly students of the same school, Tuan was taught by the students what to do to find quality nude pictures and how to seduce hot girls.

Tuan will become an architect in the future, therefore, painting pictures is the thing he does every day. Tuan and his friends have a taste that one of his group poses in the nude for the other painters. “We have one naked person for every day,” he said.

The boom of information technology has also been blamed for the depraved morality of the youth. Some experts say they can see the increasingly high number of students who like taking nude pictures and posting the pictures on Internet. Hot girls and the attractive bodies of teenagers are also the hot topics on many social networks or social forums. Meanwhile, it seems that teenagers nowadays do not care about how to live and how to learn to become useful members of society.

It is now the digital age, when information can be easily found on Internet. Therefore, it is easier for teenagers to pick up bad habits in society. Psychologists have warned that everyone needs an “information filter” which allows them to refuse bad habits while allowing them to learn good things.

Source: VnMedia

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