Students need to learn the value of life

Published: 15/03/2011 05:00



VietNamNet Bridge – Two
suicide cases within one month in Hanoi
have alarmed people of problems in
lifestyle and thoughts of young people nowadays. Experts have pointed out that students
need to learn and well understand the value of life.

On January
4, Nguyen Thu T, a 10th grader of a grammar school in Hai Duong
province, jumped from an upper floor of the school yard just because of problems
in a love affair. On February 15, a female student of the Hanoi University
also committed suicide by jumping down from the seventh floor. On March 1,
Nguyen Thi H, a university student, took a lot of tablets used to treat gout
disease to commit suicide. On March 7, Vu Thi H, a student of a junior college
in Hanoi,
committed suicide because of family problems. On the same day, a student of the
Academy of Journalist and Communication suddenly
jumped from the fourth floor of a building into the school yard.

The high
number of the suicide cases recently has alarmed educators about the problems
in lifestyle and pyschology of young people. The noteworthy thing is that the
young people,who committed suicide were the well educated. They were university
or junior college students, who were expecting good futures after they finished

to Nguyen Huu Long, MA, Lecturer of the HCM City Pedagogical College,
many of the students committed suicide because of the problems in love affairs,
a problem that warrants special attention from society. The love of young
people is always indulgently romantic and idealistic. However, regrettably, the
romance does not always bring happiness. Sometimes it brings misery. As a
result, many young people are shocked when their romantic affairs no longer
make them happy and they commit suicide as the solution to forget about love.

according to Long, the pressures of a fast-paced modern life makes many people
feel lonely, which can easily lead to stress. Young people have more demands in
their life and they find it increasingly difficult to satisfy those demands.

With the
fast-paced lifestyle people do not take time to look back on themselves so that
they can adjust their feelings, thoughts or behaviors. When one’s family life
undergoes challenges, if children do not have the chances to communicate with
and confide in their parents, they feel lonely and hurt.

“These are
big problems which are among the reasons young people have a negative perspective
on life,” Long said.

talking about the role of education in orienting thoughts and lifestyle of
students, Associate Professor Dr Vo Minh Chi, Director of the Psychology Center
under the Hanoi University of Education, said that university students do not
have close links because schools are following the credit-based training
mechanism. Every student has his own schedule and he only goes to school when
he is learning hours, therefore, he does not have much time to communicate with

to Chi, when children enter universities, the role of parents in educating
children decreases, because it is a time when children to lead independent
lives. Therefore, Chi thinks that at first, it is necessary to educate students
about the value of the life and then teach them living skills. Students need to
well understand the value of life, so that they can develop reasonable behaviors
to address many predicaments in life.

As the
classes’ structure is loosened nowadays, the youth union, student associations
and classes need to organize more collective activities in order to connect

The Hanoi
University of Education recently organized classes about the 12 life values put
forward by the United Nations. The classes have helped students realize the
values of themselves and the values of the life in order to create a better

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