Vietnamese students overseas struggling with difficulties to manage to keep studying

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VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese students in foreign
countries are struggling to live and keep studying since everything is getting
more expensive. Besides, in the home country of Vietnam, their parents have to
tighten their belt due to the depreciation of the dong against the US dollar,
Australian dollar, the euro and British pounds.

Cutting down all unnecessary

Le Thi Hong
Linh, a student of a tourism – hotel management college in New
South Wales
in Australia,
related that she has been frugal for the past two months. Linh now only spends
money on meals, while she tries to cut down expenses on clothes or entertainment
services. Since late 2010 everything has been getting more expensive in
Australia, especially cooking prices. Meanwhile, after the severe flood in Queensland in January,
room rents have increased by 14 percent.

Ngoc Quynh,
a student, who has finished a course to get a master degree in business
administration in Melbourne in Australia, said
that she wished she could enroll in an program to get MA degree in English.
However, as the prices have been increasing continuously, she has to working to
earn money to feed her brother who has just arrived in Australia to
enter the 10th grade.

Nguyen Ngoc
Binh, 24, who is following a MA training course in New Zealand, said that though he has
a scholarship, this sum of money is just big enough to pay for tuition. Binh is
taking an extra job to earn extra money, but the money is just enough to pay
rent. Therefore, his parents still have to send money to him to cover his basic
needs. With the prices on the increase, Binh related, most students decide to
prepare meals themselves instead of going to restaurants or hotels on parties.
Binh also revealed that he only purchases books that are necessary to him and he
tries to read the other books in libraries.

increases prove to be also a headache to Vietnamese students in the US. It is
estimated that a student in the US
has to pay 10,000 dollars in total in the 2010-2011 academic year, while
non-tuition expenses are about $6,200, an increase of 16 percent in comparison
with five years ago.

In the
past, a room with the rent of $1000 was shared by two students, while it is now
shared by three or four students.

Nguyen Quoc
Dai, who is working for a big commercial bank in District 3 in HCM City,
related that he has a son studying at a university in California. In 2010, every
month he sent 1500 dollar to his son to support his studies. “The sum of 1500
dollar is relatively big for Vietnamese people, but it is just enough for my son
to live,” he said.

Dai has to send the son $300-400 more a month this year, because everything is
getting more expensive in the US.

What to do to live and study?

“You should
open a bank account,” said Mai, a woman who has a son studying at Alfred University
in New York State.

“If you
have 20 million dong in your bank account, you can convert this sum of money
into about 1000 dollars. But if you have 20 million dong in cash and you buy
dollars in the black market with this 20 million dong, you will not get 1000
dollar,” Mai explained.

In Vietnam, the official exchange rates announced
daily by the State Bank of Vietnam
and the commercial exchange rates set by commercial banks are always lower than
the exchange rates applied on the free market.

Tran Manh Nam, who lives on Tang Bat Ho Street in Hanoi,
said that two years ago, when he decided to allow his daughter to study in the US, he prepared
a sum of money enough to fund the daughter’s study for four years. However,
after two years, the girl had to drop out because of the bad health. Two years
ago, the dollar price was 16,000-17,000 dong per dollar, while the price has
risen to 22,000 dong per dollar, thus making profit for Nam.

Nam is going to send his second child to the US. “My
experience shows that those parents, who have children studying abroad, should
store dollars under their pillows,” he said.

Source: Saigon tiep thi

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