Vietnamese students will leave for Japan as previously scheduled

Published: 23/03/2011 05:00



Bridge – The Vietnam International Education Development under the Ministry of
Education and Training (MOET) has announced that the Vietnamese students who
plan to go to Japan to attend training courses under the scholarships granted
by the State of Vietnam and MEXT scholarships granted by the Government of
Japan, will still be able to leave for Japan in late March and early April 2011
as previously planned.

Plans to bringing students to Japan
still ongoing

Photo by Vu Duy Loc, Vietnamese student in Tokyo

MOET has
released a notice that the earthquake and tsunami in Japan will not affect the plan of
Vietnamese students going to Japan to study.

Vietnamese students go to the areas which do not suffered from the natural
calamity and wish to go studying as planned, and if the Japanese side affirms
it can satisfy necessary conditions for Vietnamese students, MOET will soon
complete procedures for them to go,” MOET has announced.

In case
students plan to go to the natural calamity stricken areas, the Japanese side
will suggest the delay in receiving Vietnamese students. Officers of the
Vietnam International Education Development will work out with every Vietnamese
student on the specific plan for the student.

In case
Vietnamese students want to return to Vietnam after considering the difficult
conditions in Japan and the consequences of the natural calamity and concluding
that the conditions are not good enough to ensure the good learning and living,
students should show their aspirations, so that Japanese government agencies,
the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan and MOET consider and make decisions on every
specific case.

MOET has
also said that the Vietnamese Embassy in Vietnam,
considering the situation, will submit reports to the Government and give
suggestions on how to deal with the Vietnamese community in Japan in general and Vietnamese students in Japan in

Vietnamese students in Japan safe

MOET has
said that all Vietnamese students in Japan
are safe or they have got temporary accommodations at the Vietnamese Embassy in
and that they have got the support from the Vietnamese Embassy and Japanese
relevant agencies. Some students have spontaneously left Japan.

Right after
hearing the news about earthquake and tsunami in Japan,
MOET immediately contacted Do Van Trung, First Secretary of the Vietnamese
Embassy in Japan, who is in
charge of managing Vietnamese students in Japan, to update information.

the students studying in Japan under the scholarships granted by the Japanese
Government (MEXT, JDS), the Vietnam International Education Development has
been informed by JICE and Japanese Embassy in Vietnam that Vietnamese students
in Japan are all safe, while those students, who are living in temporary
accommodations, are getting support from the Japanese side.

Vietnamese students said in the last few days, the consequences of the natural
calamity have made the life of the students disturbed.

Van Minh, a
student in Niigita said these days he mainly watches news about the nuclear
crisis in Japan, talks with
relatives in Vietnam
and contacts friends.

Vu Duy Loc,
a student in Tokyo,
said he is now in the spring holiday, therefore, he is not busy. He always
reads newspapers, talks to relatives and reads documents. “Some changes have
come in my life, but there is no big disturbance,” he said.

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