In digital age, advanced technologies used to cheat at exams

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VietNamNet Bridge – Students of the
modern times have 1001 ways of cheating at exams. Especially, advanced
technologies prove to be very useful to cheaters.

accessing to some student’s websites, one can easily find the entries where
students share the experiences to cheat during exams. Especially, students
clearly point out which technologies should be used when writing essays, and
which should be used when doing multiple choice tests. The experiences prove to
be very useful to students, because nearly all students nowadays, both good and
bad students, try to cheat at exams.

On an
education forum, a student even wrote that those students, who do not cheat at
exams, would be considered “mad” or “foolish”.

Copying technologies introduced on

The lessons
on cheating at exams include the tricks from the ancient times to the present.
Nickname “tongtulenh “,wrote on a forum that as for writing tests, where
students are asked to write essays, students always try to copy the whole
paragraphs from textbooks. However, he said that this “traditional way of
cheating” proves to become out of date, and this should not be seen as a good
solution because the copying will be easily discovered.

A 12th
grader told reporters that the most popular way of cheating at exams is using “phao”, which means “lifebuoy” in English
– the small pieces of paper, where students write down the information
necessary for the tests and will be used during the exams. Besides, female
students can write down lessons on their thigh. The lessons can be covered by
long dresses and will be uncovered when students draw the dresses upwards.

However, it
seems that students nowadays prefer hi-tech cheating technologies to the traditional

A student
from the Hanoi University said he can cheat at exams
with the support of mobile phones using bluetooth technology. With two mobile
phones with bluetooth technology and high quality cameras, students can read
out exam questions to others outside the exam room via the phones, and then the
others show the answers, also via the phones.

Also, he
said that 3G mobile phones are also very useful for students when doing
multiple choice tests, because it is easy to access Internet with the technology

The owner
of a photocopy shop on Ta Quang
Buu street in Hanoi, said that students just need a USB
Flash recorder to cheat during exams. They need to record the answers and then
listen to the answers again in the exam rooms.

Those, who do not cheat, are

When asked
why students always try to cheat during exams, students say that they know that
copying is a bad thing, but they have no other choice. They have too many
lessons to learn, and they have so many tests and exams that they have not
enough time to prepare for them.

12th graders prove to be the students who cheat at exams most regularly, as they
have to prepare for the university entrance exams which come at the end of the
academic years. They have to focus on learning three exam subjects, and they
only have enough time to cast a cursory glance at other subjects.

Q.N, a
student of the Tran Phu High School
in Hanoi,
affirmed that “she is gathering strength to learn three exam subjects, while
she just spends a little time on other subjects, because she just needs to get
five marks for the other subjects. Therefore, the only choice for her is to
cheat at exams.”

N.H, a
student of the Vietnam-Germany
School said that she has
to cheat at exams, because she needs to obtain as many marks as possible.

in the eyes of teachers, students are too lazy to learn lessons, and cheating
is the way lazy students always follow to obtain good marks while no need to
work hard.

Source: VnMedia

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