The students who master “the art of getting rich”

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They are all
very young, because they were born in 1980s. However, they are all considered
“high income earners”, because they can pocket millions of dong a month. The
common thing of the students is that they all have made investment in the
education sector.

The little girl with big aspiration

Mai Phuong

Mai Phuong,
the girl from Thai
Nguyen City,
related that she began earning money since she was a 7th grader. At
that time, Phuong worked as an English private tutor for the small children in
the same residential quarter.

When she
was at 11th and 12th grades, Phuong won the second and
third prizes in the national English competitions, which then gave her a
“widespread fame”. Her classes attracted more and more learners. Phuong always
had busy summer holidays, because it was the time she focused on teaching
English at the classes, from morning to the evening.

“I really
love those days. The work of tutoring gave me money to purchase books which
then helped me improve my English,” Phuong said.

Of course,
the student with excellent English easily passed the university entrance exams
and became a university student who cherished the hope of setting up a business
of her own – a company which specializes in training foreign languages.

It did not
take Phuong much time to come to the decision. “In August 2009, I graduated
from the university and worked as the secretary at Kinh Do Group. During the
working time, the aspiration of establishing a company has been growing in my
mind,” she said.

AT first,
the foreign language center of Phuong only had several tables and chairs made
by her boyfriend – a skilled carpenter. However, with reasonable marketing
method and the heavy investment in teaching quality, the company of the young
owner now has 500 regular learners. The 20 officers and 50 foreign teachers of
the company now get the monthly income of 5-10 million dong a month on average.

hopes that her company will become one of the three biggest foreign language
centers in Hanoi.

The student who earn 1000 dollar
from private tutoring

Phan Quang Diep

Phan Quang
Diep, a student of FPT University, has become well known among university
students, who call him a “big guy” because of the high monthly income of 1000
dollars, or 20 million dong (in Vietnam, the people with the income of 10
million dong a month are considered high income earners).

Diep was a
student of the mathematics-informatics majoring class of the High School for
the Gifted under the University for Natural Sciences. Therefore, he feels confident
with the deep knowledge he has and he decided to give private tutoring lessons
to the students who prepare to attend the exams of schools for the gifted in Hanoi.

At first,
Diep was just the teacher of small classes, but later, when he became well known,
he has been admitted to the teaching centers with big brands. By the end of the
third year at university, Diep could earn 30-40 million dong, or 1500-2000
dollars a month, from regular tutoring.

“If I had
not taken the job of tutoring, I would have still received money from parents,
but I wanted to become independent,” he explained.

Now Diep is
the Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy Director of a consultancy and
training center in Hanoi,
the job that many other people dream of.

The special class organized by
special boys

This is
really a “special class”, because the students here study under a special mode:
they live, have meals and learn together with the teachers, who are the four
special boys, Le Minh Thong, who came first at the 2009 entrance university
exams to the Hanoi Foreign Trade University, Ha Khuong Duy and Nguyen Hoang
Hai, who won the gold and silver medals at Mathematics Olympiads 2009, and Dinh
Quang Cuong, who got 26.5 marks from the difficult university entrance exams

As the
students can live, learn and play with the teachers, they can raise questions
to the teachers at any time and receive answers. On average, a student has to
pay 6 million dong a month, and the students will only have to pay the sum of
money after they pass the exams.

The efforts
by the special boys have brought initial results: four of the six students of
the first training course are now studying at universities, while the other two
at junior colleges.

Cuong, the
head of the team, said that the initial success has prompted him and friends to
expand the classes in a larger scale.

Van Chung

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