Vietnamese parents try to develop their kids into prodigies

Published: 17/05/2011 05:00



Stuffing as much
knowledge as possible in children’s heads, hoping the children will become
prodigies is the thing that many Vietnamese parents are trying to do, because
they always want their children to be better than children of other families.

Children forced to become mature more

children into the persons with great learning is the dream of all Vietnamese
parents nowadays. Especially, many parents feel their disadvantages in their
lives due to the superficial knowledge and they do not want their children to
bear the same problem. Therefore, they try to force children to learn as much
as possible, hoping that the children with grown into successful businessmen in
the society.

explains why the children aged 3 or 4 nowadays have the busy working schedules
as adult people. They not only have to go to school, but they also have to go
to English classes everyday. They need to be good not only at sciences, but at
sports and arts.

NM Tai, an
information technology engineer, who works in District 1 in HCM City,
said that he wants his children to become perfect persons. They will not only
be good at learning, but they also need to be good at music, dance, have deep
knowledge in arts, and especially, have good knowledge in different aspects of
the society.

Tai said
that his little daughter is now in second grade at an international school,
where she has been going to since she was three years old.

tuition here is quite high if compared with our income, but we still decide to
send her to the school, because we want her to enjoy a modern education, so as
to come a perfect person,” Tai said.

He went on
to say, that when they have the second child, he will also send the child to
the same international school. The noteworthy thing is that besides going to
the school, the pet daughter of Tai is also going to piano and martial arts
classes. And besides English class, the little girl of Tai is also learning
Chinese, because foreign language skills prove to be very necessary for her
future. In order to learn Chinese, the girl has a private tutor, who teaches
the girl three hours a week.

grandmother of My, the daughter of Tai, complains that she cannot arrange time
to play with the grandniece. “She has to spend time learning everything, from
the mother tongue to foreign languages, from literature to martial arts,” she

“If I want
to visit her, I have to inform about my plan to her parents one or two weeks in
advance, so that they can arrange time,” she added.

Tai still believes that his daughter needs to learn more, and he feels regret
that the daughter still cannot go to an informatics class.

accessing education forums, one can see that parents nowadays spend much time looking
for the good teachers, who they hope can help train their children into perfect
persons. A lot of parents cut down expenses on themselves, while increasing the
budgets for their children’s learning. As a result, children nowadays do not
have time to relax, because they have spend all their time on spending, while
the school bags of grammar school students are becoming heavier and heavier.

Give the childhood to children

As parents
put too high hopes on their children, this has accidentally put a hard pressure
on them. Hoai Duc, a 5th grader of an international school in HCM City,
always feels tired when he goes to school. Duc said that every day, after the
school hours, he has to do home exercises, then go to informatics and French
classes. As Duc is always required to have high marks from tests and
examinations, he always feels frightened, while his eyes are always red rimmed
because of the lack of sleep.

experts have called on parents to ease the burden on their children, and “give
the childhood to children”. However, they well understand that it is really not
an easy work to do, once parents still put too many expectations on children,
and they all want to see their children become better than others.

Source: Tien phong

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