Educators disagree on enrolment mechanism for secondary schools

Published: 16/06/2011 05:00



The race to secondary schools proves to be less stiff
than the races to primary schools and high schools. However, it is very
difficult to obtain a seat at prestigious schools.

Le Hong Son, Director of the HCM City Education and Training Department,
said that the department has released a document on the enrolment mechanism for
grammar schools. Under the mechanism, the students, who finish the primary
school curriculum, can apply for the secondary schools in the same districts.

Secondary schools will consider the learning achievements of students to
decide to accept them. The learning records to be considered are the marks
students got from the second semester’s mathematics and Vietnamese language
exams of the fifth grade. The students, who win high prizes at the competitions
for excellent students, can get privileges in applying for schools.

In principle, all the students who finished primary schools have the right
to study further at state owned secondary schools. However, it is not easy to
enroll in “star schools”.

The Nguyen Du Secondary School, which is considered the best secondary
school in district 1 of HCM City, only enrolls students who live in Ben Thanh
ward, where the school is located.

According to Dinh Thien Can, Head of the District 1’s Education
Sub-department, Nguyen Du is not capable to receive all the students in the
district, therefore, it only accepts the students, who got 18 marks and higher
from the mathematics and Vietnamese language exams. The students, who got
10-less than 18 marks would have to go to other secondary schools.

Different mechanisms are being applied in enrolling students for secondary
schools in different districts. In districts 3, 5 and Phu Nhuan, certain state
owned secondary schools receive students from certain primary schools.

The same mechanism is being applied in Tan Binh District. However, in the
district, there is also an additional regulation that the students who have good
learning results can apply for any state owned secondary school in the district.

With the mechanism, the enrolment process of the secondary schools in the
district will consist of two phases. In the first phase, excellent students with
high learning results register their study at the schools they want. In the
second phase, schools will accept registrations from students based by
considering their primary schools (the students finishing certain primary
schools will go to certain secondary schools).

Nguyen Thanh Hai, Head of the Tan Binh District’s Education
Sub-department, said that the privileges given to excellent students aim to
encourage study. The number of students who have the right to choose the schools
to study at just accounts for 20 percent of the total students finishing primary

“Star schools” attract all excellent students

In fact, the policy on giving privileges to excellent students once
applied several years ago in districts 1 and 5. However, the mechanism once
raised controversy because some experts believe that this is a kind of
antiscientific method. This is believed to create “star schools” where parents
and students will race.

Can from District 1’s Education Sub-department also said that the
mechanism on allowing excellent students to choose the schools to study at has
been removed in his district. If the mechanism continues, prestigious schools
will attain all excellent students in the district, while other schools will
have no excellent student. Meanwhile, in general education, it is necessary to
create equality among different schools.

Vo Thi Ngoc Thu, Head of the District 5’s Education Sub-department, also
said that enrolling students from primary schools proves to be the best
solution, which allows all secondary schools to have both good and bad students.

Regarding the policy on excellent students, Thu said that there are many
measures to encourage students’ study, including opening excellent students’
clubs or the classes for excellent students.

Source: Nguoi lao dong

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