Exams nearing, exam preparation centers burning hot

Published: 25/06/2011 05:00


The university entrance exams will come in just 10
days, and it is the time for examinees to gear up for preparing for the exams.
Intensive training courses are burning hot these days.
The university entrance exams will come in just 10
days, and it is the time for examinees to gear up for preparing for the exams.
Intensive training courses are burning hot these days.

Six learning shirts per day

The small alley on Xuan Thuy Road in Cau Giay district alone gathers
nearly ten exam preparation centers. The centers are full of students these days
who have to queue up for registering for the studying at intensive training
classes, even though it is very hot in Hanoi.

“T”, a marketing officer of a center, said that many students have just
arrived in Hanoi and they have been seeking for exam preparation centers.
Therefore, the centers are still trying to collect students to increase profits.

In fact, the training courses have been opened since early June. However,
many students only begin looking for exam preparation classes in big cities
after they can be sure that they pass the high school final exams.

“The classes all have been full of students, but if students still want to
attend the classes, we will try to arrange classes,” T said.

A lot of “marketing officers” stand all day long near learning centers to
introduce the training courses to students. “D Center gathers the most
prestigious teachers in Hanoi. If you attend the classes here, you will surely
pass the exams. However, the tuition is relatively high, 50,000 dong per shift,”
a marketing officer was seen explaining to a student, who said he had just come
from Hai Duong.

The officer advised the student to register four learning shifts a day,
each of which lasts 90 minutes, and if he wants to have additional lessons, he
can register more classes. “Especially, if you pay money at once, you will get
the 30 percent discount and enjoy a free test,” she told the student.

The tuitions seem to be lower at the learning centers on Nguyen Trai, Ta
Quang Buu and Chua Boc. A student at the centers has to pay 25,000-30,000 dong
per two-hour lesson.

The common thing of all exam preparation centers is that the centers open
from early in the morning at 7.30 am until 9.30 pm. Meanwhile, a lot of students
attend nearly all the learning shifts, because they believe that the more they
learn, the deeper knowledge they would get. Moreover, they do not have much more
time to learn, as the exams will come in 10 days.

Hung, who comes from Phu Tho and plans to attend C-group exams
(literature, history and geography), said that previously, he only learned three
shifts per day, but now he has decided to attend six shifts.

Especially, exam preparation centers all advertise that they have special
classes, where students only do one thing – doing exam questions. Students have
been persuaded that if they get used to doing exam questions, they will have
more experiences to do actual exams.

“You should attend the high quality classes. The tuitions are high, but
you can feel secure about the quality of the training,” a woman told a student
at Ta Quang Buu exam preparation center.

The woman explained that the high quality classes are the ones which only
have a few students, which allow the teachers to take care for every student and
learn about their capability. The students can learn in the rooms with air
conditioners, for which every of them has to pay 200-300,000 per shift.

What are the exam preparation centers like?

VnMedia’s reporters, who came to the intensive classes, could see with
their eyes how students “learned intensively”.

A cramped 30 square meter was introduced the classroom for nearly 100
students. Five electric pans ran at full capacity, but they could not help cool
down the room. The students here said they would attend two shifts in the
afternoon, from 1.30 pm to 5 pm.

The classroom was chaotic. The teacher simply gave questions and answers,
while he did not care what students did below. As it was too hot, some students
fell asleep, while others made mobile messages or listened to music. Students
could go in or out of the class spontaneously during the lessons.

Source: VnMedia

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