Teacher Do Viet Khoa: “They even forbade me to enter the school!”

Published: 04/07/2011 05:00


How is Do Viet Khoa, the teacher famous for denouncing negative actions in the final high school exams?

How is Do Viet Khoa, the teacher famous for denouncing negative actions in the final high school exams?

Do Viet Khoa is a teacher, famous for denouncing negative actions in the final high school examinations held in Ha Tay (now a part of Hanoi). In 2006, the Ministry of Education and Training launched the movement “say no to ‘achievement disease’ and negative actions in examinations”. However, despite his relentless devotion, his life has taken a turn for the worse.

“No candidate had to be afraid of me in the past five years”

In the beginning of the year 2010-2011, when he was still working at Van Tao High School, Khoa wasn’t assigned to teach any classes. “In the whole first semester, I still received standard salaries and teaching allowance of 30% although I did not work a day. They even forbade me to enter school”, he said.

On 23rd December 2010, Khoa accepted the temporary transfer to Thuong Tin High school. The new working environment has, to a certain extent, offered him some solace. Relief was evident among certain people, for now he would once again have the chance to carry on with the path he has chosen more than two decades ago. But there is still something upsetting him.

“After my denouncing the negative actions in the final examinations, students have always been afraid of me being the proctor. Lucky for them, I haven’t had the chance to be a proctor during the past five years. In 2008, I was assigned to be a proctor in charge of corridors, and according to the regulations, these proctors are not to go near the exam rooms!”

“There are so many bad rumors about me”

Since the day he became unwillingly “famous”, he had received many letters from teachers all over the country asking for advice. In the eyes of so many people he was the symbol of fighting uncompromisingly. Shortly after, information surrounding Do Viet Khoa was once again the hot topic when he continued to draw up letters of denunciation against other evils, causing a considerable amount of controversy. Some people even labeled him as “crazy” or “suing addict”.

“There are so many bad rumors about me. It can’t be helped. All I care is doing what a teacher should do”, said Khoa with a rueful smile. At least these rumors have done him a favor: he is no longer “bombarded” with mails anymore!

Teacher in the morning, laborer in the afternoon

At the new school, Khoa teaches only four classes a week. During the time that remains, he works as a computer repairman and also a photographer. These two jobs help him earn a little more money for his family, on top of the standard wage of 3 million dong that has remained unchanged over the past few years. But however hard he tries, the money is just enough to make ends meet.

His family and he are now living in a small house with a leaking roof which becomes useless in a downpour. The biggest room of the house is less than ten square meters – not only where Khoa and his wife work but also where his children study.

Looking at the small room which was laid out with things from a blackboard to desks, chairs and camera lights, Khoa said, “There were clients who came to get their photos taken when my children were doing their work. My wife had to take the photos while the kids kept on writing. It’s highly inconvenient, but one needs to learn to accept certain things.”

When asked if he would continue teaching, he said without hesitation that he would resign sooner or later. It’s not because of the low salary, but because his enthusiasm for the job has been killed. The evils are still spreading, but he just can’t fight alone anymore.

Source: Bee.net

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