“Professor inflation” in Vietnam

Published: 22/09/2012 01:42



The new regulation that university presidents have the right to appoint professors and associate professors has raised the worry that Vietnam would have too many professors, or the so called “professor inflation.”

Under current laws, the Minister of Education and Training is in the position to grant the titles of “professor” or “associate professor” after considering the list of candidates submitted by relevant agencies. Meanwhile, school presidents can only do one thing – suggesting the candidates for “professor” and “associate professor” for approval.

However, with the new regulation which will take effects from October 2012, the head of the university education establishments would have the right to make the decisions to grant the titles of professor or associate professor.

The list of the candidates for the titles would be submitted by the faculties of the schools which needs to obtain the “thumb up” by at least 2/3 of the members of the scientific councils.

The heads of the school have the responsibility of informing about the title granting to the governing bodies and the Ministry of Education and Training one month after the assignments.

The new regulation also stipulates the granting of the titles to the people, who obtain the titles of professor and associate professor from foreign university education establishments and now want to receive the titles from Vietnamese universities, based on their scientific research works.

The scientific research works must have the equitable marks equal to the minimum marks required on other professors and associate professors. Especially, they must have at least one scientific research work published on internationally prestigious scientific journals.

The calculation of candidates’ marks must be considered and checked by at least three associate professors or professors in the same scientific fields.

The new regulation on assigning school presidents to grant professor and associate professor titles has raised controversy among educators.

A professor has affirmed that school presidents appoint professors and associate professors is the common trend in the world. In other countries, the granting of the titles is the job of the schools, not of the Minister of Education and Training.

The professor went on to say that a national professorship council like the one in Vietnam, cannot be found in any other countries in the world.

Meanwhile, other experts have expressed their worry that the new regulation may lead to the sharp increase of the number of professors and associate professors just within a short time, which may cause to the so called “professor inflation.”

A member of the State Professorship Council said at present, the titles are just considered the “award” for the people who have big achievements in their scientific works, while people do not receive benefits from the titles. Therefore, the number of professors and associate professors in Vietnam remains modest.

He also said that in order to increase the number of professors, Vietnam would need to appoint 54 professors and 370 associate professors a year by 2020.

Under the University Education Law which takes effects from January 1, 2013, there would be some titles for lecturers, including assistant to lecturers, lecturers, main lecturers, associate professors and professors. As such, the titles of professor and associate professor would bring financial benefits to the holders, because the titles would be considered when calculating their salaries and allowances.

Source: Vietnamnet

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