• Study: Older brains less nimble at multi-tasking 

    15/04/2011 05:00

    The elderly have a harder time multi-tasking than young adults because older people are far less nimble at switching neurological connections in their brains between activities, according to research released on...

  • Patients forced to buy additives, doctors earn 40%

    13/04/2011 05:00

    Although the Ministry of Health prohibits doctors from prescribing nutritional additives known as functional cooking s that have no medicinal attributes, many famous hospitals still flout the ban, leading to an inflated bill many times beyond its true medical...

  • Rabies - prevention is safer, cheaper 

    11/04/2011 05:00

    Dogs and cats are the leading cause of rabies around the world. Rabies is a viral disease transmitted trough saliva that causes acute encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain. It is almost always fatal if appropriate treatment is...

  • Quiet death from antibiotic misuse

    Quiet death from antibiotic misuse

    11/04/2011 05:00

    Most of antibiotics have become useless because bacteria have adapted to resist the drugs. The World Health Organization (WHO) lists Vietnam among the countries with the highest drug-resistance rate in the world. When they have flu symptoms like...

  • Scientists find superbugs in Delhi drinking water 

    08/04/2011 05:00

    A girl waits to collect drinking water from a water tanker in New Delhi, March 21, 2007. A gene that makes bugs highly resistant to almost all known antibiotics has been found in bacteria in water supplies in New Delhi used by...

  • Very very strawberry 

    06/04/2011 05:00

    Being not only one of the most popular flavors for ice creams and jams, strawberry can also act as a diuretic, cool the body and support treatment for various ailments including tuberculosis, rheumatism, gout and high blood Once...

  • Doctors call on gay men to heed safe sex advice

    27/03/2011 05:00

    Doctors have called on men who have sex with men to brave discrimination and meet peer educators and counsellors to learn about safe sex and reduce the risk of spreading HIV. At a workshop held last Friday on encouraging and...

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