Have a good night with red jujube 

Published: 31/12/2010 05:00


Red jujube has great nutritional and medicinal qualities that help prevent cough, fortify the heart, liver, stomach, lungs and kidneys.

Red jujube is considered a gift from the gods in Oriental medicine.

All fruits are divine gifts, theoretically speaking, but this particular fruit is spoken of with special reverence. It has great nutritional value and medicinal qualities that help prevent cough, fortify the heart, liver, stomach, lungs and kidneys, and, improve physical strength.

Regular consumption of red jujube, and its black cousin, has manifold benefits. Red jujube and black jujube have similar components and effects; the latter is said to have the added function of “nourishing blood.” Eating red and black jujubes can even keep prostate and lung cancer at bay, it is said.

One of the most talked about benefits of red jujube is its tranquilizing qualities that facilitate sound sleep.

Sleeplessness can cause nervous breakdowns, high blood pressure, heart rhythm disorder, diabetes, obesity and stress.

To have a good night’s sleep, insomniacs should regularly consume lotus seeds and roots, dry longans and red and black jujubes. Herbalist Dinh Cong Bay has some suggestions to help you sleep well and improve your health.

- Red jujube and lotus root soup: Wash and cook 500g of lotus roots, 200g red jujube with water and rock sugar in a pot for 30 minutes. Serve the soup hot in the evening. Besides helping you sleep well, the soup is full of essential nutrients.

- Dry longan, lotus seed and red jujube sweet soup: Put 20g dry longans, 30g lotus seeds and 15 red jujubes in a pot. Cover with water; add a little rock sugar and cook for 30 minutes. Besides helping you sleep well, this fortifies the heart.

- Dry longan and red jujube beverage: Wash 10 red jujubes, five dry longans and 15g bông cúc tr^ng (chrysanthenum). In a pot, add 300ml water to ingredients and simmer for 30 minutes. This is a brain-nourishing drink that helps relieve stress.

- Red jujube, peanut and small red bean soup: Wash 20 red jujubes, 100g peanuts and 200g small red beans. Soak peanuts and beans in water overnight to soften them. Place all ingredients in pot and cover them with enough water, simmer for 30 minutes. Add sugar and serve hot in the evening.

- Red jujube porridge: Soak 50g red jujube in warm water for 10 minutes and cut into thin slices. Place in pot, add 100g rice and cover with water to cook until it assumes consistency of porridge. Serve the red jujube porridge hot in the evening.

Source: Thanh Nien, Agencies

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