Eyesore parking lots in Hanoi

Published: 12/03/2011 05:00



VietNamNet Bridge – Parking lots on pavements and roadways have caused traffic jams in many new streets of Hanoi.

With total investment of nearly VND800 billion (over $40 million), the 1.1km Xa Dan street

is said to be the most expensive road in the world. But three years after it opened for traffic,

this road looks smeared and disordered. The two lanes along the road, which

are designed for motorbikes, have become unofficial parking for cars.

The sidewalks of Xa Dan street are used by parked motorbikes while the roadways

are for cars. Pedestrians have to walk on the road.

Cyclists have to pedal among cars.

During peak hours, cars double and even triple park 2-3 lines on the road.

To have more space for parking, parking providers ask drivers to park this way,

encroaching the road for motorbikes.

Similarly, the car parking on Hoang Dao Thuy Street congests traffic  during rush hour.

According to Hanoi’s regulations, cars must park inside this white line.

A car-park on Van Cao street.

Ngoc Khanh Street is narrow and crowded but car parking areas are set up along the pavements.

As a result, this small street is always stuck during peak hours.

Some inspectors from the Hanoi Department of Transportation said that car parking areas

that violate the rules may have their licenses withdrawn.

Source: VNE

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