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President gives judicial reforms positive review

The implementation of
Politburo Resolution 49-NQ/TW on the Judicial Reform Strategy up to 2020 over
the last five years has brought many positive results, said President Nguyen
Minh Triet. It has helped to strengthen public trust in the leadership of the
Party in terms of investigation and prosecution, he added.

President was speaking at the 24th working session of the Central Judicial
Reform Steering Committee in Ha Noi yesterday, May 30.

a major shortcoming that has emerged over the last five years was the lack of
sufficient training among judiciary officials to meet people’s expectations.

Investment in infrastructure and equipment in judicial offices is still
insufficient and courts and the people’s procuracy lack offices.

said corruption was still a problem. He called on relevant agencies to address
the issue.

Regarding the establishment of a Judicial Institute, the President said that
aside from the training institute, the courts and procuracy should run more
on-the-job training courses for officials.

representative of the Central Judicial Reform Steering Committee said awareness
among officials of the role of judicial agencies had improved. The number of
unjust verdicts had also decreased markedly.

the implementation of several tasks in the strategy had yet to take place.

Relations with Laos party inspection bodies promoted

People’s Revolutionary Party General Secretary and State President Choummaly
Xayasone yesterday, May 30, received Ngo Van Du, head of the Vietnamese Party’s
Inspection Commission, who was on a three-day visit to Laos to cement ties
between the nations’ inspection bodies.

The Lao
Party leader congratulated Viet Nam for successfully organising the 11th Party
Congress and the 13th National Assembly election, as well the nation’s
socio-economic achievements.

briefed the host on the outcomes of co-operation between the two inspection
bodies of the two Parties. He said the Vietnamese delegation had learnt a lot
from the way the Lao Party’s inspection agency worked.

Sunday, the two bodies signed an agreement to promote co-operative ties during

Public Security minister hails co-operation with Thailand

Co-operation on politics and security between Viet Nam and Thailand had helped
speed up the implementation of the joint declaration on bilateral ties, Minister
of Public Security Le Hong Anh said in Ha Noi yesterday.

Anh made
the remark while receiving Thai Minister of Social Development and Human
Security Issara Somchai.

Anh also
said he was happy with progress in the co-operation between Thai law execution
bodies and Vietnamese public security agencies, particularly in carrying out an
agreement on human trafficking.

minister also hailed Thai authorities in rescuing 15 Vietnamese women and five
children from a human trafficking ring in Thailand. Ten victims had been brought
to Viet Nam.

Somchai praised the growing ties in security of the two countries and hoped
better outcomes would result.

Exhibition marks Uncle Ho’s national salvation trip

A photo exhibition in celebration of 100 years of
the day President Ho Chi Minh went abroad to seek ways for national salvation
has opened in the southwestern province of Tay Ninh.

On display are 100 colour, black and
white photos and excerpts that feature the Sen village - the native land of
Uncle Ho and the operations of Nguyen Ai Quoc in foreign countries since he left
the Nha Rong port on June 5, 1911.

In spotlight at the exhibition are
also photos depicting President Ho Chi Minh’s leadership in the resistance wars
against the French colonialists and US imperialists.
The exhibition will be opened to public through mid August.


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