Lawyers protest Chinese violation

Published: 05/06/2011 05:00



The Viet Nam Lawyers’ Association yesterday
spoke out against Chinese vessels cutting the seismic survey cables of a
Vietnamese ship operating in Viet Nam’s exclusive economic zone on May 26.

three Chinese marine surveillance vessels cut the cables of the seismic survey
ship Binh Minh 02 while it was operating deep within the sea zone over which
Viet Nam holds exclusive rights regarding exploration and use of marine

actions seriously violated the United Nations Charter (Article 2 of Clause 3 and
Article 2 of Clause 4) and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea signed in
1982, according to the association.

“It has
also violated Viet Nam’s sovereign jurisdiction over its exclusive economic zone
and continental shelf,” it added.

the survey ship’s cables went against the Declaration of Conduct of parties in
the East Sea that China signed in 2002 as well as Viet Nam-Chinese relations.

association called on China to comply with the UN framework of which China is
part, relevant international laws and its commitment to the Declaration of

was also called upon to desist from acting similarly in future as well as to
provide compensation for the losses that the Viet Nam Oil and Gas Group, the
owner of the Binh Minh 02 ship, had suffered.

association hoped to boost the friendship and co-operation between Viet Nam and
China in maintaining and keeping to international laws with respect to
sovereignty while upholding and promoting peace throughout the region and the

Peaceful gatherings

A small
number of people spontaneously gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in Ha
Noi and its Consulate in HCM City yesterday morning, June 5, to demonstrate
their discontent at foreign violations of Viet Nam’s sovereignty.

gatherings were in opposition to Chinese marine surveillance vessels cutting the
cables of the Vietnamese seismic survey ship, Binh Minh 02, on May 26 while it
operated within Viet Nam’s exclusive economic zone.

Participants said that the Chinese vessels had violated Vietnamese sovereign
jurisdiction over its exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, the 1982 UN
Convention on the Law of the Sea and the Declaration of Conduct signed between
China and ASEAN countries.

peaceful gatherings soon dissolved after persuasive efforts by Government

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