A cup of black beans – dispel hot and stuffy in hot days

Published: 14/09/2012 04:02



In hot days, eating a cup of black beans which is soft without being crushed, not too sweet and adds some ice cubes, black jellies, coconut threads is a great cooling method.

The black beans contain vitamins A, Q, C, Proteins, carbohydrates, lipid, mineral. Besides, Essential amino acid content of black beans is also very high. According to traditional medicine, the black beans are mild and sweet to help detoxifying, supporting kidney and blood. If you eat the black beans for a long time, it is good for skin. 

In hot summer days, the black beans are favorite cookings of families. The families often cook black beans in boiling water to drink or make porridge with black beans or grind into powder grains to drink in breakfast.


As well as other grains, the first secret to have a delicious and attractive black tea pot have to choose the black beans with green intestines, equal seeds, thin shell... When buying the black beans, you should not choose beans with big seeds, pale skin color.


Cooking black beans is not simple. Having a delicious cup of black beans needs own tips.

You have to wash the beans about twice, then soak in water and pick out floating seeds on the top. Next, putting the beans in to the pot and roasting about 10 minutes until furrowed shells, then pouring water. This is the tip to have a great cup of black beans.

 Marinating beans with sugar about half an hour is another tip. Then cooking this mixture is in small fire, sometimes you should use chopsticks to stir, continue cooking in 15 minutes, then pouring water. It is up to you, you can add water and sugar as you like.

Enjoying a cup of black beans in hot days is so useful to dispel hot and stuffy.

 Translated by Nguyen Hao


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A cup of black beans – dispel hot and stuffy in hot days. -  |  vietnam travel company

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