Dangers at road-railway junctions

Published: 20/02/2011 05:00



The train is coming, but this motorbike neglects the signal lamp and tries to pass Thi Cau bridge (linking Bac Giang and Bac Ninh provinces). A traffic jam occurs up to two kilometers long because everyone tries to pass the bridge.

Thi Cau bridge in Dap Cau Ward, Bac Ninh city, crosses the Cau River.

It was built during the French occupation in 1909. With two lanes for motorbikes

and one for trains and cars, the bridge connects Bac Ninh and Bac Giang provinces.

The bridge is old and narrow and traffic control is poor which results in chaos.

Many motorbikes run in the lane for trains and cars.

This man is pressed to the bridge banister by a bus.

The lane for cars and trains is very narrow, two cars cannot drive at the same time.

Drivers have to observe the bridge from afar. They only get into the bridge if there is no car

at the other bridgehead. However, some still get onto the bridge and

confront each other. One has to reverse the car.

Many buses pass the bridge a day. Many of them pick up passengers when

they are about to pass the bridge.

Though the train signal light is turned on, many people manage to pass the rail to get onto the bridge.

Besides hundreds of cars, 12-15 trains cross the bridge a day.

Traffic jams and accidents have occurred very frequently.

Nguyen Van Dao, a bridge guard, complained that guards try their best but they can’t deal with

the chaos because of the poor awareness of travelers.

This is one of the ten bridges in Vietnam where trains and other vehicles share the same road.

On February 6, a North-South train hit several cars on Ghenh bridge which crosses the Dong Nai River, killing two and injuring 26. Eight people have been prosecuted, including the train driver, guards, signal lamp maintenance worker and car drivers.

This is the worst road accident that occurred  between  trains and other vehicles.

Photo: VNE

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